Sunday, 29 May 2016

Summer Garden

What a glorious Sunday, 19 degrees!  The garden still needed a fair bit of work on it, after the rain we had recently, things just seem to have sprung up out of nowhere.  Which is ok if you're talking plants and flowers, but not so great when you're talking about the hedges in our back garden!

We also have this big spiky lethal plant that we wanted to get rid of.   The leaves are really sharp and it was growing really untidily, overshadowing all the other plants and flowers.  It was only small when we bought it and we planted it next to our palm tree.   Jesus H Christ on a bike.  Put it this way, it broke a prong of our fork and then the fork actually twisted while Mr G tried to get the roots out.   Still, it's done now.  Outside it's roasting hot and it smells of barbecue.  I hadn't paid any attention to the weather forecast for this Bank Holiday weekend, if I had I could have bought some baps and finger rolls and we could have had a barbie too.  Maybe tomorrow?

Here's some pictures of the garden, still a work in progress, as it is every year...

Open for business

I love these two bushes, when they bloom they're beautiful

Three weeks ago, these were tiny, tiny seedlings when I bought them in Whittington!

Caitlin ambled into the room with her iPhone and headphones in.  She of the purple hair and black lipstick and Bring me the Horizon and general adolescent misery.  That Caitlin.

Caitlin:  ♬ Bet on it, bet on it, bet on it, bet on it...♬
Me: ...
Caitlin:  Oh my God.  High School Musical.  I am the shittest emo in the world, aren't I?
Me:  Pretty much, yes.
Caitlin:  I can't remember simple math formulas but I can recite this whole movie word for word...

It's all good ;-)   Next jobs - weeding near the decking area and by the bottom shed, staining the decking, shed, summerhouse, trellis... meh.  We need to empty the large wooden planter Mr G made a few years ago as our passion flower has snuffed it, and something has done that, whether it's ants or woodlice or what remains to be seen.  We've got a honeysuckle and a clematis to grow up the trellis instead.  And I have found a really nifty little trick online to grow loads and loads of tomatoes, so I want to see what Mr G thinks when he gets home, as he loves creating things in the garden.  He's currently made up another excuse to leave the house drive his car.  Boys and their toys...

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