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Hump Day Update

The mood is flat and quite sombre at home. I think we've become so jaded by these lockdowns and restrictions, so used to it now, that the facts and figures stopped having the same shocking effect on us as they did at the start. Back when this was new, and it was frightening. Now, we're almost seasoned professionals. Slightest whiff of restrictions and we're off out making sure we've got enough food (and alcohol) for a fortnight. I've got friends and family working in the NHS who are bracing themselves for this weekend, when they say that the impact of the Christmas mixing will hit. Friends in different countries going through the same worries of lockdowns, and how they will pay their bills. A close friend in Wrexham sent me a link the other day showing the alarming rise there, specifically in a village quite close to her, and she's really worried. Anglesey's figures are on the rise too. It's bloody frightening. It's estimated that 1 in 50 people in E

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