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March update

Time is just getting away from me lately, I haven't updated since our lovely break away for Mr G's birthday and our anniversary. Truth be told, now that the children are older, and throw in a pandemic, there isn't always so much to blog about anymore. I anticipate that may change shortly. Life is going to get busier later this year, more on that soon... So working backwards, last night we went out for one of Mr G's colleagues leaving meal. Only, she didn't attend. She was ill, bless her. She's moving and transferring to another store in her new town. However, due to being a large-ish party, all our food was pre-booked, and so the rest of us all went out. Me in my capacity as the store's Official Baker . My services have been booked to conjure up some St Paddy's Day cupcakes for Thursday, so I'm browsing Pinterest for ideas.  This was my meal last night. Cod Goujons. I could not breathe after eating this meal. There was no way in hell I could have had

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