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Weird and Wonderful

Had a lovely but tiring day yesterday. I don't think I was this exhausted after Christmas shopping. We set out at nine and the first thing we noticed was the level of traffic, especially on the road between St Asaph and Mold, as we always take a route away from the A55. It's usually a Sunday, or very rarely a Saturday when we usually go to Wrexham. We arrived and parking appeared to be free at Eagles Meadow, we used the toilets, which were spotlessly clean as always, and there were far fewer available, having been locked from the outside. The same for the sinks, the ones to use were spaced apart.

Had a wander up into town, found a lovely New Age shop (Steve and Adam also found the butcher's market pie stall - it wasn't lost or anything, but there we go, it was found). Cait and I had a browse, and she saw a lovely hippie hoodie that she liked, so I bought it for her as part of her 18th birthday present. We then went to Everland, I went in and ordered our food, and went …

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