Saturday, 14 January 2017

Belated Happy New Year!

Nearly halfway through January and I am just about coming round from the most appalling Christmas and New Year that I have had in decades.  Our Christmas was ruined, after all our hard work, all our preparation in trying to make it perfect for our family.  I can't go into detail about it at the moment, legally.  Not yet, anyway.  But one day, I will unleash the horror story on the world.  I just can't yet. Unfortunately.

Anyway, it's a new year, new start and we are trying to keep positive and not dwell on last year.  We had an amazing break away just before Christmas, we had a week in a converted mill in Cynwyd, which is an adorable little village just outside of Corwen.   Here are some pictures of the beautiful property.  Yes, I outdid myself yet again!  We are hoping to do the same this year, book the same week away.  We had a fantastic, stress free week.  Christmas shopping there was a joy, Caitlin decimated the Primark in Wrexham and Adam is coming up the ranks too!

As I said, unfortunately Christmas was a non-event, although we went through the motions for the sake of the children.  Mr G and I pulled together a lovely Christmas dinner.

Tomorrow, North Wales Crusaders hold their first pre-season friendly against Swinton and we find ourselves in the same position as we did for the friendlies last year.  Will they, won't they go ahead? Can we actually get there?  It seems (as usual!) everywhere in the UK got snow... except us.  So it's not so much leaving here tomorrow, as the weather conditions we'll encounter as we drive closer to Wrexham.  So we have to play it by ear until tomorrow morning, see how the roads are.  I hope we get to go though, it'll be nice to get away from here, and I'm looking forward to seeing how all the new signings perform.  My Cru beanie and scarf are packed ready, and Cait's boyfriend is coming with us for his rugby league initiation.  Fingers crossed that it stays dry and doesn't freeze or snow any more!

Until at least Monday.