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My name is Shell, or Mrs G to my friends.  I am 40 years old, and I am very happily married to Mr G, we've been together for 17 years, married for 15 of those next February.  We have four children.  Our eldest is 20 and parenthood is still a steep learning curve!  I am an ASD Mum, both parent to ASD kids and suspected Aspie myself (but undiagnosed).

We live in North Wales.  I love to cook, although my kitchen is impractical.   I love to read, and although I do like the classics (especially George Orwell and James Joyce) I'm no book snob.  I just as much love sinking my teeth into Chick Lit and I'm a bit of a self help/self improvement junkie.  I love music, it always has been such a huge part of my life since I was a toddler. 

I'm into happiness, even if the tone of my blog posts don't always support that theory ;-)  I believe in the Law of Attraction, whichever angle you want to pursue it from, spiritual, biblical or scientific - the end result remains the same.  It's there in black and white from Matthew 21:22 to Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill to Martin Luther King.  Shakespeare to Buddha.  Focus on the positives in life because what you think about and pray about and talk about you attract back to yourself.  If you're happy and positive and grateful - you'll get more opportunities to be happy and positive and grateful for.   If you complain and gossip and moan - you'll get a main course full of that.  Most importantly - BE GRATEFUL!  

I meditate, practice Ho'oponopono, love Switchwords and mantras have become a huge part of my life too. So I suppose you could say I'm spiritual.  I'm not 'religious' in a church-going way, but I do believe in God.  This is something that's very private to me, and I won't blog about any of this.

I collect Maneki Neko, which are the Japanese waving cats you might see in restaurants or takeaways.  I also collect cookbooks, I'm too scared to do an updated count of them, but its over 100.  I've also found, the more cookbooks I own, the less I cook.

I love football, I am a passionate Manchester United fan.  I love watching Darts (especially Michael van Gerwen), and I also support our 'local' Professional Rugby League team - North Wales Crusaders.  Although, playing in Wrexham, they're not exactly local...

Celebrity crushes -  Adam Levine.  Adam Pitts.  Johnny Vegas.  Howard Webb (YES the referee...).  David Tennant.  Michael Chiklis.  Greg Davies.

Favourite TV Programmes - Amazing World of Gumball, Homeland, The Shield, Friends, Due South, Hollyoaks, Inbetweeners, Man Down, Catastrophe, Regular Show

Favourite Music - So, so many, too many to name them all.  The Pierces, Kylie Minogue, Tegan and Sara, The Beat, The Beatles, HAIM, Maroon 5, Jessie Ware, Semisonic, Simply Red, Disclosure, Sarah McLachlan, and Lawson.  Oh my goodness, Lawson.  I love Lawson.  I am too old to 'fangirl' over them, so I suppose I 'fanmom'?

Best Gig - The Pierces with El May as support, Manchester Academy, September 2014.  Both fantastic.

Favourite food - Curry

Hobbies - Camping, comping, cooking and cleaning.  What a life I lead!

So that's me, I'm a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, cousin, auntie, great auntie (!) and I am very blessed with what I've got :-)

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