Sunday, 27 November 2016

Mr G wants a written apology - and other stories

After another hiatus from blogging, not one of my own liking, I am back!  My very old, second hand Windows XP tower gave up the ghost at going online a few months ago, and I am not a fan of blogging using my iPad.  I like to type things out on a keyboard, and choose photographs sometimes that haven't been taken on my iPad and it was just far too much like hard work.  So, after Santa made a delivery of a refurbished tower for me earlier this week, and Mr G said that I could have it early as I had been a good girl this year (define good...) here I am!  I probably won't blog any more often, but at least the option is there!

The Christmas tree and bits and bobs are up.  The house smells festive thanks to one of the seasonal Yankee Candles.  The shopping is coming on well.  Not quite finished, but I know exactly what I need.  In a few weeks we go away for a short break to Corwen and I have relatives coming to stay at my house for a mutual pre-Christmas break.  I'm a little bit nervous about it, because it's so close to Christmas to be going away, there's always so much to do at this time of year.  It's going to be really nice though, I've never been away at this time of year before, we'll be able to get some shopping done in Wrexham and Chester and Llangollen and spend the gift cards I have saved up all year for.  Have a few nice meals out.  Maybe go for a cheeky Nando's ;-)  And at night we can wrap our goodies in front of the log fire, sipping a glass of mulled wine, Christmas tunes playing in the background.  I'll have no option but to relax.  So, we're really looking forward to that.  Also coming up is the family's Christmas Ladies night out, my Mum, aunties, and cousins, we go every year for a three course meal and a few drinkies.  This year, my daughter is being initiated into the clan.  


I'm currently reaching the end of my second year of participation in NaNoWriMo.  Definitely not as 'easy' as I found it last year, but it did help having established characters. Revisiting them and adding a few more oddballs along the way.  

Our beloved North Wales Crusaders, despite me (and a lot of other fans) believing that last season was the beginning of the end, have a new manager, a new assistant manager, a new general manager and have made some fantastic signings too.  We won't be returning to the Racecourse, and our new home is Queensway in Wrexham.  A trial is being held today, and I believe they've also signed and re-signed about 27 players already.  I'm thrilled that so many of the old faces have decided to show their loyalty to the club, it says a lot about them and their love of the club and the fans. We'll be renewing our family season tickets again this year, we've got two pre-season friendlies in January, against Swinton and South Wales Scorpions.  And I'm looking forward to the next end of season awards ceremony, we had such a lovely time at this year's.  The players were all cracking lads, and it was nice to get to say goodbye to Muzza. We saw our rugby friends Martin and June, and we sat with another lovely couple, Debbie and Mike, who sponsor the best kicker in the league, TJ.  Who is my new rugby boyfriend after Stuart Reardon's departure.  Scott Turner turned up too and he took a selfie of us together.  We weren't too drunk, but we were merry and had a fantastic evening.

The best (and fittest) kicker in the league

Muzza gives his verdict on the season

Selfie with Scott

Mr G bending Martin and June's ears

Mr G is back on the strong stuff, still no better, and waiting for an appointment with his consultant, which he should have had in July *eyeroll* and is scheduled for January *another eyeroll*.  But still. The strong stuff makes him very amusing at times.

Ryan, along with forty other classmates, walked up Snowdon to raise money for Cancer Research and to buy an all terrain wheelchair for the school to use.  He raised £51 in sponsorship money, and I was really proud of him. And a tad jealous that he had done it before me.

Ryan ready for his trek

Adam came out with a corker the other day.  We were talking about our Christmas dinner and what meat were going to have.  We decided to have a break from turkey this year, so I was asking everyone for their preferences.  I showed Adam the new cloth napkins I had bought from Edinburgh Woollen Mill, and the napkin rings.

Me:  Look Adam, new napkins, so you can tuck into your Christmas dinner and not get food all over your Christmas jumper.  Classy, eh?

Adam: Yeah, really classy.  Napkins with a packet of Bernard Matthews chicken and some of that veg in bags you put in the microwave.

Can I just point out, that I have never, ever served Bernard Matthews packet chicken and steam veg as a roast dinner?   And I never, ever would.  So where he gets these ideas from is beyond me.  

This from Mr G, the other night.  Now, I don't think I've ever told you this story.  Back in 2010, my Christmas present to Mr G, was tickets to Simply Red's Farewell Tour concert in Manchester.  Both huge, huge fans of the group.  It was see them now, or never see them, right? 12th December, our babysitter arrived and we got in the car, about quarter to 4 in the afternoon.  Now, we should have known that our afternoon was doomed, when barely two minutes into our journey, we were pulled up by the police, and Mr G was randomly breathalysed.  He didn't mind this, he rarely drinks anyway, and he certainly wouldn't even drink as much as a half pint and drive.  His policy, zero alcohol if you're driving, and he thinks that's what the law should be.  We were a bit antsy though as we were against the clock.  He passed the test, and we were finally on our way with a cheery wish to enjoy our concert from the police officer.  It was dark while we were on the M56, and Mr G was taking his time.  All of a sudden, a car came careering off the slip road to our left, shot straight in front of us, smashed into the central reservation and came spinning back in front of us, across all the lanes, totally out of control.  I screamed and Mr G said "It's ok."  I don't know how he managed to do it, but he kept his cool and we drove through, straight through, unscathed.  Someone up there was definitely looking out for us that night.  We pulled into the layby and phoned 999.  We waited for the emergency services to arrive, and then we were on our way.  Would we ever get there?  Would we get there in one piece?  My nerves were absolutely shot at this point.  We enjoyed the concert, it had a great opening act too, Macy Gray, and it was sad to see the end of one our favourite groups, but it was nice that we could say we were there.  The Farewell Tour.  Maybe, in ten, fifteen years, they'd go back on the road again.  Mr G bought a t shirt, £25 it cost him.  This is a key detail in the tale.  The concert finished, we made our way back to the car park, and as Mr G wasn't familiar with driving in Manchester centre, he didn't know where he was going, and we ended up playing chicken with a tram.  Jesus Christ, I was glad to get home.

Fast forward to less than four years later.  Autumn 2014.  And Mick Hucknall announces that he's reforming the band.  You'd think Mr G would be thrilled.  New music from one of his long time favourite groups.  No.  Mr G is not happy.  Why?  The t shirt.

Mr G: Twenty five b**tard quid on a t shirt that I can't bloody wear now.  Farewell Tour.  The robbing, thieving b**tard hasn't gone anywhere, has he?  How can I wear that when he's still here?   The t shirt is a lie.  Hasn't even been four years and he's back?  

And that has pretty much set the tone on Mr G's feelings about Mick Hucknall.  Hasn't shown the slightest bit of interest in his new music, refusing point blank to go and watch any of the new shows. Browsing through Sky's On Demand music the other night.

Mr G: Huh.  Oh look, Shell.  Simply Red's Farewell Tour in Sydney.

Me: Go on, stick it on.

Mr G: *mutters*

Me:  Oh, come on Steve.  Surely you can't let a little thing like a £25 t shirt ruin the love that you've had for this band for twenty five years?

Mr G: *points at TV*  We nearly died, twice that night.  And I've got a t shirt that I can't wear.  So, until I get a written apology from HIM...?

So, there we have it.  Mick, if you're reading this?  Unless he gets a written apology, you're a fan down, I'm afraid.  I'd throw in a new t shirt and front row tickets to a concert to be on the safe side...

When we went to Cru's end of season awards, my brother very kindly had the children overnight for us.  I left instructions with Adam.

Me:  You know where the crisps and biscuits are.  Help yourself but make sure you offer Uncle David something as well.  He probably won't want anything, so don't press him to eat lot of junk food.  He doesn't eat a lot.

Adam:  Doesn't he?

Me:  No. He's got a very small appetite.

Adam:  And a massive head?

And for now, we'll leave you with this, worryingly, from Mr G...

Mr G:  I'm in a mischievous mood.  What can I do to mischieve?

I don't know, but I'm sure he'll think of something, right?

And we have a few more for our not quite right gallery.  Firstly, Dave Whelan's statue.  There are no extra words needed for this one, BBC North West Tonight called it perfectly.

Yes.  Quite.

Mr G was to blame for this abomination.  He can't see anything usually, yet he can spot sex toy-esque carrots in plastic bags, in Morrisons?

And then, there was this.  On the back of a pack of light bulbs.  I shit you not.

Not suitable for household room illumination.

If not, then... what, exactly???  What is the purpose of this light bulb???  If not room illumination?

I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I have become a bit addicted to Pokemon Go.  I have no idea what I'm doing, I know you're meant to battle and use gyms and such, but no.  I'm just walking, visiting Pokestops, catching Pokemon and hatching eggs.  Like a 40 year old sad case.  Mr G is walking alone up streets talking to himself, when he finally realises that I've stopped dead fifty paces down the road, trying to capture a Slowpoke or an Eevee.   So, whilst browsing the Pokemon that I'd caught, this amused me.  Little things...

I want to reach out and grab ya...

And finally, this has really made my week.  Again, little things.  Get it bought, Amazon, 99p. Christmas number one.  Yeah.

That's all for now.  That's enough, surely?