Not Quite Right Gallery

If you're a regular visitor to my blog, you'll know that Mr G and I love nothing better than finding and photographing oddities (not only those within these four walls, either).  I have posted some of these pictures before but I feel that they warrant their own special place on the blog.  A gallery of shame, if you like.  There are some new photographs too, and I'll update this page with any other ones we find :-)

No, just a coffee will be fine, thanks...

Thank you Tesco

Also known as 'The morning after Michelle's Curry Night before'...

He's his Dad's boy alright

Peter Kay was right!  It exists!

Spent most of 2013 in this...

I'll stick to Cod, thanks.

What happens when Councils close all the public conveniences?

Water with extreme caution...

I sent my son to school with this picture of monkey boners. For show and tell.  #Mumofthedecade #legend

Pot while you poop?  Weave while you wee?

God love him, at times, yes.  Yes he is.

Really?  Shito?

Best numberplate EVER. 

Who was PAID to think this up?  I want their job...

We all know at least one.  Some of us intimately...



No thank you, I do not want you to buy me a T shirt...

B&Q again, Masters of Filth (see 'Golden Showers' rosebush above)


I feel that way most days...

And the secret ingredient is? *retch*

Ass CD's completely sold out by the time we got there.

On occasion, Mr G loves nothing better than meandering through a Lady Garden

Wrong on so many levels, I don't know where to begin.

I didn't see any striped camels...?

Mr G is ever the optimist #nothappeningcupcake #notinthislifetime


Because nobody in Devon has mastered the art of pastry making?


Of the Crocodile House.  Thanks for the warning, because I'm THAT stupid!

The Eudimorphodon, eh?  Bet that's a mouthful to pronounce!

See-low-fye-siss?  I'd sack your poster designers, mate.

My lovely friend made me a necklace and asked for a pic for her website?  Big mistake.

Shades of Royston Vasey?  Special sausages?  Local pie?  Made with real locals?

It was a new phone ok?   I wasn't used to it.

A knobhead in Home Bargains

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