Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Gigantic-headed Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums out there, and lots of love to those who are missing someone today

The day started out on a random note.  I had woke Mr G up at 6.45 am.  I was, and I quote - 'a shit'.  Because it was really 5.45 am, had the clocks not gone forwards.  And we're lying there in bed, and he's looking at me adoringly... no, honestly... eventually, after he'd calmed down... and then he says...

Mr G:  Awwwwww you're beautiful.  Look at you lying there with your little shrunken head.

Me:  What!?  My 'little shrunken head'?  What the hell are you going on about?

Mr G:  *Grabs my face and squashes it up* 

Me: Anyway, I haven't got a little head, I've got a massive head.

Mr G:  No you haven't.  Well, no... you have got a massive head but you've only got a tiny face.

Er, what the absolute... Massive head, tiny face, so what, I look like a Viz caricature?  Frank Sidebottom?  I don't need any more nicknames, guys!  I'm Flappy.  Pingu.  Warren.  Benny - because apparently when he squashes my face up (see above) - I look like Benny from Top Cat?  Wtf?  And the other day he christened me Perry (the Platypus) because of my feet (don't ask).  

Benny?  REALLY?

Me:  Well, as backhanded compliments go, I think that's going to be the best I get all day?

I was meant to be getting breakfast in bed, but as I'm not a big eater in the mornings, I had a coffee, and I had my cards from the children and Steve, and my presents.

Then we went down to see my Mother, and give her her cards and gifts.  We stayed and had a coffee before coming home to have our Sunday lunch.  It was lovely to not be the last one to sit down and eat, and it was gorgeous too.   Thank you Mr G. 

I was wiped out after lunch, as I usually am after eating a large meal in the middle of the day, so I decided to take a power nap on the sofa.  My brother was popping round at 4.15 with his new girlfriend to pick something up.  Never met her before.  Next thing I know, I hear Mr G shouting at me to wake up.  And my brother killing himself laughing as I almost fell off the sofa in my rush to get up, hair askew, no glasses, no make up on, jeans unbuttoned, completely and utterly disorientated.  45 minutes early.  With the new girlfriend.  Ah well, she's met me at my worst, so I can but improve on that!  I say, hopefully...

The kids have pretty much buggered off and left me to my own devices today, the one day they're not meant to.  Normally I don't get a moments peace.  Typical.

It's been a lovely day too, so warm!  Hopefully if it keeps it up this week, I can get out into the garden and start clearing.  Although, where to begin, everything has been wrecked, fences, garden arches, plants.  Meh.

Until next time, I'm taking my unfeasibly large head off to bed.  Where's my bolster... :-(

Night x

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Recipe - No Bake Creme Egg Cheesecake

I've had a lovely Saturday :-)  Mr G announced that he is cooking dinner for me tomorrow as it's Mothering Sunday (in the UK) and I had to pick what roast I wanted.  I know!  He cooks once a quarter and it's always pie, but no, to his credit, tomorrow I am getting a Sunday dinner, which is going to be lovely.  I very rarely eat a Sunday dinner, because once I've cooked it for six of us, the last thing I want to do is eat it.  I plumped for Roast Beef in the end, so he bought a lovely piece of beef.  I'm going to slow cook it overnight, because it's my favourite way of cooking beef, it's so tender and melt in the mouth.  The cooking liquid also makes the most wonderful gravy, the best I've tasted.

After my 6.5lb weight loss this week, I finally got into a pair of jeans a size smaller (yay me!) and then we all went to my niece Ruby's 5th Birthday party, where I sampled a cake.  Just one.  I had a few comments from people who hadn't seen me in a while about how much weight I'd lost, which was nice.  And for once I accepted the compliments.  Why not?  I have done well and I'm far too hard on myself.  Mr G is in agony and is totalled on the sofa, so I'm trying to sneakily do as much as possible towards tomorrow's dinner so if necessary all he has to do is boil the veg and dish it up.  I've peeled all the vegetables and set them in pans, I'll chuck the beef (which is so big I'll have to halve it) in the slow cookers before bed.  Yes, I am a control freak, at least in the kitchen (mine!).  He asked me what I wanted him to make for dessert.  Mr G, making dessert.  Erm... The look of abject horror I must have displayed at that question, because when I suggested that if he was doing the dinner, the least I could do is the pudding, he didn't object ;-)

You'd need to have been living on the moon (or at least absent from Social Media) to have missed Iced Jem's Creme Egg Cheesecake.  It's been shared on Facebook, pinned on Pinterest, and I think she sent it in an email (if you subscribe to her, if not, do it!  She's amazing!)   I love Iced Jem, she is a real gem, pardon the pun, and a lovely girl to interact with too.  This is where her original recipe lies.  Want to see how I got on?  Of course you do!  It's a cheesecake with Creme Eggs in, two of the most amazing things in the world.  Combined.  No brainer.

* I used three bags of mini Creme Eggs for this, because the bags I bought only seemed to contain 7 or 8 in each and the pictures on Iced Jems looked like an awful lot more than 2 packs.  I suppose it depends what sized bags you can get hold of.  11 went into the mixture and 13 on top.
* I also put the Creme Eggs into the freezer for about 30 minutes prior to starting, as they're not the easiest things in the world to halve at room temperature!
* I used 600g of Philly as opposed to 700g (it was all I had...) and therefore upped the double cream from 100ml to 200ml.
* I used 100g of melted butter as opposed to 125g.

First I lined a springform cake tin, I would say it was an 8 or 9 incher, with kitchen foil.  I did it in a cross so I could lift the edges and lift it out of the tin with enough support.

Next, I blitzed 300g chocolate digestives into crumbs, and mixed them with 100g of melted butter.  Pressed into the bottom of the tin, and put the tin in the fridge for about 20 minutes while I made the filling.

I whisked the 200ml of double cream in a jug, and in a separate bowl, I put in the 600g cream cheese, 200ml of soured cream, 200g of icing sugar and beat with an electric mixer until smooth.  Then I folded in the cream.

I took the mini Creme Eggs out of the freezer and halved them, some length ways, some width ways.  Zero mess, and no leakage this way!  Frozen Creme Eggs - the future.

I added the Creme Eggs to the cheesecake filling, and stirred well before spooning it over the cheesecake base, making sure the Creme Eggs were mainly in my slice evenly dispersed.  Then it went back into the fridge for another 20 minutes.

I melted 200g of milk chocolate, and allowed it to cool slightly.  I then spooned it over the top of the cheesecake to create a thin chocolate topping.  Before the chocolate hardened completely, I pressed the remaining Creme Eggs into it, before returning it to the fridge.

As you can clearly see from the main photo - it didn't make Mother's Day unscathed... but we had to try it, you understand that?  And it was only one piece between four of us...?  And it was absolutely lush, I can't wait for a huge slice of that after my Sunday lunch tomorrow ;-)

And on that note, I am off to bed before I drop

M x

*Edit - after serving the cheesecake to everyone, I did find that the chocolate had set hard and made it quite hard to slice cleanly.  There's nothing worse than a dessert that looks a mess.  So the next time I make it, I will probably use a ganache topping, as opposed to melted chocolate :-)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

So many plans, so much... meh...

Nearly April, and life is picking up momentum again, finally!   The first part of the year is so boring, isn't it?  We've had a few nice days of late, and it's left me hankering for Summer.  Longing to get out into my garden, which is trashed after the storms.  Everything is wrecked.  Wanting to dust down my beautiful barbecue.  I know that my social life will be springing back into life very soon, so I need everywhere to look its best.   So many nice things planned for the next few months but of course, naturally, this is my life, and there's one very big spanner in the works.  As usual. 

Mr G's gallbladder is buggered.  After the messing about in the hospital and out of hours GP and our own GP, he phoned the surgery one night last week, couldn't bear the pain any more, and got in to see a GP at closing.  Thankfully it was one of the older doctors, and he is always spot on, pressed Mr G in a certain place (not there, not this time heheh) he hit the roof, and ended up on two lots of antibiotics and another medication, gallbladder is inflamed, infected, insomething.  He's phoned the ultrasound department and it will be mid April they'll be writing to him with a scan date.  Dr White said once he'd had the scan results that he would  looking at surgery.   So.  We may have many nice things planned... but whether we will actually get to do any of them is another matter.   Either way, I'm looking at donning my nurse's outfit again.  Which isn't nearly as filthy as it may sound.  Think more along the lines of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel.  Matronly.  Massive breasts.  And stern when presented with sexual innuendo from an old man (yes, you Mr G).  He's neither use nor ornament at the moment, bless him. 

I had a Red Letter Day voucher that needed using by... today.  I'm so last minute.  Mr G and I decided on a romantic night away, so looked to see what was in Wales.  We found a lovely little place called The Hand in a place called Llanarmon.  So pretty, you can see it here.  I don't know where it is.  Google Maps confused me by separately showing me two places called that relatively close together.  Red Letter Day said it was Gwynedd, then it said Denbighshire.  Their website says Llangollen.  Google says Llangollen is in Wrexham.  I'm confused.   So I don't know where I'm going.  I'll just stick the postcode in the Sat Nag on the day.  I just know that there won't be a child present ;-)  There might not even be a husband present, I might just go when he's in hospital and starfish in the Super King Size bed...

It's coming up to my birthday on the 10th of May and I've got two things planned, firstly my annual birthday party - which won't be anywhere near as mad as previous years.  Namely, I won't be cooking curry for 19 this year!   And hopefully I'll actually remember the evening this year... go easy on the old vino this time.  I was thinking along the lines of an 80's Fancy Dress theme but, we'll see.   It will just be nice to get together with friends and family and have a laugh.

The weekend after, I'm hoping to host a 'Night in for MacMillan'.  You may remember I wanted to host a Starlight Supper for them last year but that went pear shaped.  This concept is much more do-able.  People come to your house, and have a night out - in.  Then they donate what they would have spent on the night out to MacMillan.   I was thinking if everyone brought a bottle and a plate of buffet food, I could make a few desserts and then it wouldn't all be put onto me.  Like it usually is.  So I need to get an event set up on Facebook for that. 

Mid July, Mr G's 70 year old Aunt and Uncle are renewing their wedding vows in Wigan, which I think is really sweet, hopefully we'll be able to get down for that.  They wanted to get all the family together for a happy occasion, because they only ever seem to get together for funerals these days. 

Also in July, my friend is getting married in Wrexham.  We met when my brother was ill in Stoke, her son had had an accident the same day and was in Critical Care too.  She was in the shared house with my parents and they were a good support for one another and we all became firm friends.  Thankfully, like my brother, her son made a good recovery too.  I've just looked on the Premier Inn website and managed to find family rooms for £29 a night in the town centre if you pre-book now, which is bargainous for July.  Booked it, packed it... If Mr G happens to be post-op then, the money we'd lose on the room wouldn't be the end of the world, and better than having to find probably triple that amount booking closer to the time. 

Hopefully I'll have two friends and their other halves visiting me this Summer, from Norwich and Scotland.   Get some camping in in Snowdonia and I want to try another site in Corwen that I've had my eye on since last Summer.   Would really love to go to the Rewind Festival North too... seats down in the car, camping loo and a box of wine, that would be immense.   It's one heck of a good line up this year - well, if you like 80's music that is!

We've both seen Level 42 and The Beat live before, and they were both fantastic, but I'd love to see Go West, Nik Kershaw and Roland Gift too.  Oh and Sonia.  YES Sonia.   Don't judge me.

No big family holiday this year, we'll be whipping the house and garden into shape instead, but hopefully we'll get a theme park visit in for the kids.  We live on an island, surrounded by beaches, so we'll be making more use of those this year!   

I'm exhausted just typing it down.  I just need to find some motivation from somewhere, Mr G's recent ill health has left me feeling a bit meh.  I haven't been feeling great myself, in constant pain but unfortunately it's the nature of the beast with an 'illness' that nobody can see.  You get no sympathy or consideration and I feel sometimes that people think I'm putting it on.  Shame there isn't some sort of gauge as proof of pain.  "Mr G, you're measuring a 4.  It's a cold.  Not flu.  I, however, am registering a 9.  Now stop your bloody moaning, make me a coffee and rub my back."   My lot would be screwed if I couldn't get up one day... but they won't realise that or appreciate what they have done for them until that day comes, will they?  Oh well... onwards!

Have you got any plans for the coming months?

M x

Saturday, 15 March 2014

I Love My Round Up #3

Round Up

I haven't linked up to any blog hops for ages, every week I have such good intentions.  I'm going to have that put on my headstone when I peg it.  She had good intentions...  It's the only thing I'm consistent with these days...

1. What’s your favourite post you have posted this past fortnight?
Hmmmmmmm.  Probably 'Mr G gets an anal probe'.  Not because he was erm... probed, but because he made me laugh telling me about it.   And because of the stupid thing he said to the nurse. 

2. Share with us a post you have loved reading from someone else this past fortnight.
This from Netty Natters, an update on my beautiful little niece, Layla, who has started walking.

3. Do you enjoy reading books? If so what are you reading at the moment / what’s your favourite book?
I love reading.  I'm currently reading James Altucher's 'Choose Yourself'.  Just finished L D Davis 'Accidentally on Purpose' trilogy, which made me cry :-(  Absolutely fantastic set of books.

4. If you could spend 5 minutes with someone who would it be?
Ah, the answer to that makes me so sad it would probably set me off crying, and I'm having a good day so - pass.  But I would get to say a proper goodbye, and have a huge hug.  I knew it, I'm teary, I should have shut up!

5. What three words would you use to describe your blog?
Largely ignored and bizarre.

Friday, 14 March 2014

I've Been Tagged - TMI Tagged!

Thank you to the adorable, stunningly beautiful, kitchen Goddess that is Netty Natters (it must be in the genes...) for the TMI tag.  For those of you who know how much I can rabbit on, there's no such thing as TOO much information, surely? 

What are you wearing?
Black trousers and a purple velvet top.  I've been up since 5.30 am, travelled a 200 mile round trip to a funeral and straight into hosting a sleepover for my daughter.  It's 8.41 pm and I've just sat down.  I'm too lazy to change.  I may even sleep in this outfit.  Because I can. And if anyone else wants anything else tonight, they can bloody go get it/do it themselves.  I'm done.
Ever been in love?
Yes.  I'm married to the love of my life, and every day I thank God that I found him, and that he puts up with me. 

Ever had a terrible breakup?
Yes.  It was a breakup that wasn't a proper breakup at the time, and the effects didn't hit me until many years later.  And it devastated me.  I never, ever want to go through that level of emotional pain again, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.   I'm alright now though.  *Twitches*

How tall are you?
5 foot 1.  Possibly 5 foot 2.  But more likely 5 foot 1. 

How much do you weigh?
Currently 15 stone something, which is better than the 19 stone I was this time 3 years ago, but still a long way from perfect.

Do you have any Tattoos?
Me and needles?  Ho.  Mr G is a tattoo addict though.  
Any Piercings?

Favourite Show?
Don't watch much TV.  Last favourite show was Homeland but they killed Brody.  Can't see how it's going to work.  Also loved The Shield.  Loved me some Vic Mackey.  Got a thing for bad boys I guess!

Favourite Bands?
Lawson.  Lawson.  Lawson.  Disclosure.  Tegan and Sara.  Lawson.  The Beatles.  Lawson.  The Pierces.  Lawson.  Sarah McLachlan.  Lawson and Lawson.  And The Beat (Rankin' Roger's line up).  Oh, and Lawson. 
Something you miss?
I miss so many people who have gone from my life.  I really miss my best friend Emma who passed away four years ago.  33 is no age for anyone to die.  We'd been friends since we were 10.  I think about her a lot, I wonder what she'd make of things that have happened.  I wonder what advice she'd give me.  And I know she would have been right.  I miss some people who are living and no longer in my life as well.  I think sometimes that mourning those relationships is harder than mourning the ones with those who have passed on.  At least with death comes a finality, you know nothing can ever change, that person isn't coming back.  When you've grown apart from the living, it leaves you with a shitheap of what if's and if only's.  Knowing that things could be different, being too scared to make the first move, being scared of rejection.  That's what has the power to break you.  But I've seen only too well in Em's case, that nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow, so if you have something you need to make right, you do it today.  Tomorrow never comes.  I digress...
Favourite Song? 
My all time favourite song is and will always be Stardust 'Music Sounds Better With You' because when my eldest was 2, and critically ill in hospital recovering from Meningitis and Septicaemia, this video came on the telly that was on in his room and he sat bolt upright and was transfixed by it.  So it's special in that way, plus it's a really good song.  Lately though I'm hammering Disclosure's 'Latch', The Pierces 'You'll be Mine', Grouplove's 'Tongue Tied' and anything by Lawson.  I like Lawson, did I mention that?
How old are you?
37.  Nearly 38.
Zodiac sign?
Taurus, Cancer rising, Libra moon.

Quality you look for in a partner?
I know it's a cliche but a sense of humour.  You'll be attracted to who you're attracted to at the end of the day, whether you've got a penchant for pretty boys, redheads, beards.  I like chubby men.  Who can make me laugh.  Hence Johnny Vegas.  And my husband.
Favourite quote?
Oh, I have many many many wonderful quotes but I think this is very true - "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."
Favourite actor?
For me, David Marciano, hands down since the mid 90's.  Wonderful, versatile, and highly under-rated actor.  I'm privileged to have been an online 'friend' of his since the days of MySpace, and this is a man who values his fans.  No matter how famous he is.  If he gets more airtime in the next season of Homeland, I may consider watching it.

Favourite colour?

Loud music or soft?
Loud.  With my headphones on.  Because apparently the music I listen to is crap.  Says the man who likes Phil Collins.

Where do you go when you’re sad?
The only sanctuary I have is my bedroom I suppose.  I don't even get peace here.  The kids will walk past their father to come upstairs to ask me can I go downstairs to make them a drink/ice cream/hot chocolate.  Grrrrrr.

How long does it take you to shower?
About 20 minutes when I have time.  5 minutes when I don't.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Ha, I laughed at this.  Get ready in the morning.  *Snort*.  
Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes.  Not adding to that.
Turn on?
Funny.  Nice eyes.  Sensitivity.  I love a man who can express his emotions.  Also someone who is willing to fight for me, to prove that I am worth it.  Some have physically fought me, some have fought over me, but only one who would fight for me.  And I'm married to him. 

Turn off? 
Any bigotry or intolerance of any kind.  I couldn't be with a racist or homophobe.  

The reason I started a blog?
I actually started this in 2008, and it was just because really.  Because I could.  Why I keep going I have no idea because nobody interacts with me, they come, look at my cheesecake recipe and bugger off.

Needles, slugs, snails, anything medical, and I mean anything, cutting myself, blood.  Papercut?  I'm passing out while I'm shaking and trying to put on a plaster with one hand.  Frogs.

Last thing that made you cry? 
Today, after the funeral, we stopped at the cemetery to put flowers on my mother and father in law's grave.  Seeing Mr G upset always triggers me off too.

Last time you said you loved someone? 
Mr G on the way home in the car
Meaning behind your blog name? 
Well, I'm known as Shell, and I'm permanently Frazzled, so...  And no, don't ask why it's Frazzled Shell but the link is flusteredshell.  Even I don't know what the hell I did there.  Or why.  Or how. 

Last book you read? 
Oh that trilogy - L D Davis 'Accidentally on Purpose'.  Buy it, read it!  That's an order!

The book you’re currently reading? 
James Altucher's 'Choose Yourself'

Last show you watched? 
Jeez.  Um.  I sort of watched Casualty last Saturday.  In that I was in the room and it was on TV?  Does that count?

Last person you talked to? 
Cait, my daughter. 

The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 
My brother.  Who had the most bizarre, random question for me.  They usually are, but this took the biscuit even by his standards.   After nearly losing him last year, I just thank God that he's still here to ask me weird things!

Favourite food? 
I love curry.   Spicy food, the hotter the better.
Place you want to visit? 
For years I'd have said New York.  I don't have any desire to go anywhere that far flung any more.  Boring.

Last place you were? 
Do you have a crush? 
A?  As in one?  Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.  You ready for this?
David Tennant.  The guy in the lift in Disclosure's 'Latch' video.  Johnny Vegas.  Damien Lewis.  Michael Chiklis.  Adam Pitts (from Lawson).  Adam Levine.  Danny Mac (Dodger from Hollyoaks).  Paddy McGuinness.  Jay Z.  Pharrell Williams.  And.  Howard Webb.  The referee.  United's 12th man.  Don't judge me.
Last time you kissed someone? 
Mr G earlier.  I love kissing Mr G. 

Last time you were insulted? 
Earlier in the week when Mr G said to Adam 'You look just like your Mum'.  Meaning, facially.  He exclaimed 'Are you saying I'm fat?' And he meant it. 
Favourite flavour of sweet? 
Peanut butter.  Reese's anything. 

What instruments do you play? 
Recorder.  Keyboard.

Favourite piece of Jewellery? 
I'm more into junk jewellery.  I love my Sekonda Crystalla watch though.

Last sport you played? 
Erm... no.  Not unless Kiss Chase counts as a sport? 
Last song you sang? 
The last music I heard was Tasmin Archer's 'Great Expectations' CD this morning, our car doesn't have a stereo at the moment, so it'll be something off that CD.

Favourite chat up line? 
'Do you want a mint imperial?'  Which was Mr G's chat up line for me. 

Have you ever used it? 
No, but I bloody fell for it.  I took two though.  Stole his mint imperials and his heart.  Awwwwwww.

Last time you hung out with someone? 
Aside from Mr G and my children, it's been so long, too long since I have hung out with anyone.  The start of the year has flown by.   Plus, I despise most people.  So... it's not looking too good socially.

Who should answer these questions next?
I never have any luck tagging people, they've either already done it, or don't have time to do it, or don't want to do it.  So - if you're a blogger, and you're reading this, and you want to do it - pop your link in the comments section and I'll come over and have a look. 


M x

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Massive apologies to my email subscribers...

For the mammoth one that Google sent you tonight.  I had sent all of my blog back to draft last week, and last night decided to republish most of the posts again.  I did not realise, however, that they would shove loads of old posts into the email.   I republished about 150 posts... yikes.  D'oh!   Sowwy...

Monday, 3 March 2014

Recipe - Orange and Coconut Cake

This was the Recipe of the Month on Eat In Magazine's website - and I've just checked and it's still there!  You can find it here (for the time being anyway!) but it looks like they change the recipe monthly so I'll give the recipe as well just in case.

Erm... mine didn't look quite like theirs?  Anyone surprised?  But it tasted delicious though :-D  Here's how I got on...

1 large orange, plus the zest and juice of an extra orange
200g butter, cubed
3 eggs, beaten
225g caster sugar
190g self-raising flour, sifted
45g desiccated coconut
150g icing sugar, sifted

Preheat  the oven to 180ºC/160ºC fan/Gas Mark 4. Grease and line a 20cm round cake tin with baking paper.  (I lined the bottom only and used Dr Oetker's Cake Release Spray around the edges)

Tasmin Archer CD Optional...

Roughly chop the unpeeled orange and blitz in a blender to a coarse purée.

Add the butter, eggs, caster sugar, flour and coconut and mix until just combined.

Transfer to the prepared tin and bake for 50 minutes, or until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.  I put some brown paper over the top for the last 10 minutes or so.   Leave to cool for 5 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Strain the juice of the extra orange into a jug. Put the icing sugar into a mixing bowl with just enough of the juice to form a smooth, runny icing. Place the cooled cake on a serving plate, pour over the icing and sprinkle with the zest.

Two graters and a zester, one decimated orange - hardly any zest :-/

Allow to set, then serve.

I wanted to take a picture of the cake with a slice gone out of it? know one of those cakes that the minute it's served, it's gone?  Well, this really was THAT good.   So, so moist.  And very adult tasting, with the inclusion of the entire orange, now and again you'd get a taste of the peel.  This is definitely a keeper!

M x

Book - Accidentally on Purpose Trilogy by L.D Davis

This isn't a review, per se.  Because I can't review books to save my life.  I am an avid reader, I like a wide spectrum of genres, and once in a while a book comes along and tugs at your heart.  Makes you cry.  This is only the third book ever that has been able to bring me to tears (the other two being Audrey Niffenegger's Time Traveler's Wife' and Carole Matthews' 'Let's Meet on Platform 8').

May contain a few spoilers so don't carry on if you intend to read it, but without giving too much away this is the story of a love triangle between Emmy, Luke and Kyle, and everyone involved in it gets to tell their side of the story.  Of course, the further into the books you get, and you're getting everyone's side of the story, the more you realise why things happened.   The sex scenes are often and quite hot, but for those of you who found the recent obsession with S&M just a little bit too much, it's as vanilla as it comes.  Don't get me wrong, I've read and enjoyed a few of these books, but I don't want to read it in every book either - surely some people still have normal sex lives?

My heart broke for every one of the main characters at some point in the trilogy.  But I like that they all got their 'Happy Ever After'.   This is for everyone who has been in love with someone they shouldn't have been, for everyone who has ever hurt someone they loved, everyone who has loved two people at once, and for everyone who likes to see true love prevail, against any odds.


I bought this trilogy for my Kindle for a bargainous £3.13 from Amazon here (price correct at the time of printing), my sister in law bought it on my recommendation, and she can't put it down either.   The books are all available individually too.

Have any books ever moved you to tears?  If so, let me know in the comments below.  I like a challenge ;-)

M x

Mr G gets an anal probe

My husband is in hospital.  Again.  I say it like it's a regular occurrence because it is.  From the moment he moved here in 2001, he has spent a great deal of time in hospital.  Debris from the foundry in his eye.  A blister on the sole of his foot became infected.  An operation to remove a lump from his testicle.  An infection after that operation.  An operation to remove a cyst from his eye.  Several stays with suspected cardiac problems.  An angiogram.  An infection on the angio wound.  An infection then - believe it or not - in his hand where the canula went to treat the infection... and this then happened in the other hand, when the drip had to go there, to treat the second infection.  An operation to remove haemorrhoids.  He severely damaged his ankle and had to have the ligaments repaired.  A year later it was apparent this hadn't worked, so he had another operation to have the ligaments reconstructed.  Months later he had surplus bone in his shoulder shaved away and his carpal tunnel done at the same time.  He's just had an MRI scan and is seeing a Neurologist because he's been battling crippling headaches for months.  Some point during all this he contracted MRSA - we still can't get a straight answer as to when exactly... and now.  They think he has a problem with his gallbladder and/or gallstones.   Yay!

He's on a drip at the moment, fluids and pain relief, in Accident and Emergency. 

He's in there.  Somewhere...

They don't know if they'll send him home - get this - with a letter, to take to his GP, to refer him for a scan.  To the hospital he is in now.  Now, is it just me?  Or... would the easiest thing - for everyone really - be to do it there and then?  While he's there and in pain?  Not make him come home, in pain, telephone battle at 8 am to get an appointment with our GP, for our GP to send him to the hospital for a scan?  

Anyway.  He's in good spirits because he just texted me this:

Mr G:  They asked me for a stool and urine sample, so I just gave them my underpants...

The anal probe...

Yesterday he went to the out of hours Doctors in the hospital.   He came home looking a little... subdued?

Me:  How are you, baby?

Mr G:  I've been violated anally.  How was your morning?

I laughed, which in turn made him laugh, which was very painful.  Which made me laugh even more.

Mr G:  She asked me on a scale of one to ten, how bad the pain was?  I told her 'worse than childbirth'.  In retrospect, I now realise that I should have kept that opinion to myself, or at least until after she'd shoved her finger up my ass.  'Wiggle your toes Mr Grundy!  You're not relaxed enough!'

So, once more it's a 'wait and see' thing.  I have a pile of stuff on the bed just in case, pyjamas, soap, towel etc.  Although I think in his case it might be wisest to have a bag permanently packed in the wardrobe?  Like expectant mothers have?