Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Gigantic-headed Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums out there, and lots of love to those who are missing someone today

The day started out on a random note.  I had woke Mr G up at 6.45 am.  I was, and I quote - 'a shit'.  Because it was really 5.45 am, had the clocks not gone forwards.  And we're lying there in bed, and he's looking at me adoringly... no, honestly... eventually, after he'd calmed down... and then he says...

Mr G:  Awwwwww you're beautiful.  Look at you lying there with your little shrunken head.

Me:  What!?  My 'little shrunken head'?  What the hell are you going on about?

Mr G:  *Grabs my face and squashes it up* 

Me: Anyway, I haven't got a little head, I've got a massive head.

Mr G:  No you haven't.  Well, no... you have got a massive head but you've only got a tiny face.

Er, what the absolute... Massive head, tiny face, so what, I look like a Viz caricature?  Frank Sidebottom?  I don't need any more nicknames, guys!  I'm Flappy.  Pingu.  Warren.  Benny - because apparently when he squashes my face up (see above) - I look like Benny from Top Cat?  Wtf?  And the other day he christened me Perry (the Platypus) because of my feet (don't ask).  

Benny?  REALLY?

Me:  Well, as backhanded compliments go, I think that's going to be the best I get all day?

I was meant to be getting breakfast in bed, but as I'm not a big eater in the mornings, I had a coffee, and I had my cards from the children and Steve, and my presents.

Then we went down to see my Mother, and give her her cards and gifts.  We stayed and had a coffee before coming home to have our Sunday lunch.  It was lovely to not be the last one to sit down and eat, and it was gorgeous too.   Thank you Mr G. 

I was wiped out after lunch, as I usually am after eating a large meal in the middle of the day, so I decided to take a power nap on the sofa.  My brother was popping round at 4.15 with his new girlfriend to pick something up.  Never met her before.  Next thing I know, I hear Mr G shouting at me to wake up.  And my brother killing himself laughing as I almost fell off the sofa in my rush to get up, hair askew, no glasses, no make up on, jeans unbuttoned, completely and utterly disorientated.  45 minutes early.  With the new girlfriend.  Ah well, she's met me at my worst, so I can but improve on that!  I say, hopefully...

The kids have pretty much buggered off and left me to my own devices today, the one day they're not meant to.  Normally I don't get a moments peace.  Typical.

It's been a lovely day too, so warm!  Hopefully if it keeps it up this week, I can get out into the garden and start clearing.  Although, where to begin, everything has been wrecked, fences, garden arches, plants.  Meh.

Until next time, I'm taking my unfeasibly large head off to bed.  Where's my bolster... :-(

Night x


  1. Only Mr G could pay such a loving compliment bless him, lol! I think your face and head are in perfect proportion hunny, despite us measuring and yours been ever so slightly larger than mine, if I recall correctly?? Ps, MMM dinner looks lovely! xx

    1. Eeeeeeeeeegh? In perfect proportion to what, my equally massive round body? And I think it was a good three inches, which is a tad more than 'ever so slightly'...? Wah xxx

    2. I mean, that's got to be a hat size, hasn't it? One size fits all? I doubt it very much. Pen bonc. And that.

  2. NOOOOOO..... :( in proprtion to each other, as in you have an average sized head, and average sized face, not a massive head with a tiny face........wah that made sense in my head, doesn't so much when reading it back, lol! xx


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