Thursday, 27 March 2014

So many plans, so much... meh...

Nearly April, and life is picking up momentum again, finally!   The first part of the year is so boring, isn't it?  We've had a few nice days of late, and it's left me hankering for Summer.  Longing to get out into my garden, which is trashed after the storms.  Everything is wrecked.  Wanting to dust down my beautiful barbecue.  I know that my social life will be springing back into life very soon, so I need everywhere to look its best.   So many nice things planned for the next few months but of course, naturally, this is my life, and there's one very big spanner in the works.  As usual. 

Mr G's gallbladder is buggered.  After the messing about in the hospital and out of hours GP and our own GP, he phoned the surgery one night last week, couldn't bear the pain any more, and got in to see a GP at closing.  Thankfully it was one of the older doctors, and he is always spot on, pressed Mr G in a certain place (not there, not this time heheh) he hit the roof, and ended up on two lots of antibiotics and another medication, gallbladder is inflamed, infected, insomething.  He's phoned the ultrasound department and it will be mid April they'll be writing to him with a scan date.  Dr White said once he'd had the scan results that he would  looking at surgery.   So.  We may have many nice things planned... but whether we will actually get to do any of them is another matter.   Either way, I'm looking at donning my nurse's outfit again.  Which isn't nearly as filthy as it may sound.  Think more along the lines of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel.  Matronly.  Massive breasts.  And stern when presented with sexual innuendo from an old man (yes, you Mr G).  He's neither use nor ornament at the moment, bless him. 

I had a Red Letter Day voucher that needed using by... today.  I'm so last minute.  Mr G and I decided on a romantic night away, so looked to see what was in Wales.  We found a lovely little place called The Hand in a place called Llanarmon.  So pretty, you can see it here.  I don't know where it is.  Google Maps confused me by separately showing me two places called that relatively close together.  Red Letter Day said it was Gwynedd, then it said Denbighshire.  Their website says Llangollen.  Google says Llangollen is in Wrexham.  I'm confused.   So I don't know where I'm going.  I'll just stick the postcode in the Sat Nag on the day.  I just know that there won't be a child present ;-)  There might not even be a husband present, I might just go when he's in hospital and starfish in the Super King Size bed...

It's coming up to my birthday on the 10th of May and I've got two things planned, firstly my annual birthday party - which won't be anywhere near as mad as previous years.  Namely, I won't be cooking curry for 19 this year!   And hopefully I'll actually remember the evening this year... go easy on the old vino this time.  I was thinking along the lines of an 80's Fancy Dress theme but, we'll see.   It will just be nice to get together with friends and family and have a laugh.

The weekend after, I'm hoping to host a 'Night in for MacMillan'.  You may remember I wanted to host a Starlight Supper for them last year but that went pear shaped.  This concept is much more do-able.  People come to your house, and have a night out - in.  Then they donate what they would have spent on the night out to MacMillan.   I was thinking if everyone brought a bottle and a plate of buffet food, I could make a few desserts and then it wouldn't all be put onto me.  Like it usually is.  So I need to get an event set up on Facebook for that. 

Mid July, Mr G's 70 year old Aunt and Uncle are renewing their wedding vows in Wigan, which I think is really sweet, hopefully we'll be able to get down for that.  They wanted to get all the family together for a happy occasion, because they only ever seem to get together for funerals these days. 

Also in July, my friend is getting married in Wrexham.  We met when my brother was ill in Stoke, her son had had an accident the same day and was in Critical Care too.  She was in the shared house with my parents and they were a good support for one another and we all became firm friends.  Thankfully, like my brother, her son made a good recovery too.  I've just looked on the Premier Inn website and managed to find family rooms for £29 a night in the town centre if you pre-book now, which is bargainous for July.  Booked it, packed it... If Mr G happens to be post-op then, the money we'd lose on the room wouldn't be the end of the world, and better than having to find probably triple that amount booking closer to the time. 

Hopefully I'll have two friends and their other halves visiting me this Summer, from Norwich and Scotland.   Get some camping in in Snowdonia and I want to try another site in Corwen that I've had my eye on since last Summer.   Would really love to go to the Rewind Festival North too... seats down in the car, camping loo and a box of wine, that would be immense.   It's one heck of a good line up this year - well, if you like 80's music that is!

We've both seen Level 42 and The Beat live before, and they were both fantastic, but I'd love to see Go West, Nik Kershaw and Roland Gift too.  Oh and Sonia.  YES Sonia.   Don't judge me.

No big family holiday this year, we'll be whipping the house and garden into shape instead, but hopefully we'll get a theme park visit in for the kids.  We live on an island, surrounded by beaches, so we'll be making more use of those this year!   

I'm exhausted just typing it down.  I just need to find some motivation from somewhere, Mr G's recent ill health has left me feeling a bit meh.  I haven't been feeling great myself, in constant pain but unfortunately it's the nature of the beast with an 'illness' that nobody can see.  You get no sympathy or consideration and I feel sometimes that people think I'm putting it on.  Shame there isn't some sort of gauge as proof of pain.  "Mr G, you're measuring a 4.  It's a cold.  Not flu.  I, however, am registering a 9.  Now stop your bloody moaning, make me a coffee and rub my back."   My lot would be screwed if I couldn't get up one day... but they won't realise that or appreciate what they have done for them until that day comes, will they?  Oh well... onwards!

Have you got any plans for the coming months?

M x

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