Friday, 14 March 2014

I've Been Tagged - TMI Tagged!

Thank you to the adorable, stunningly beautiful, kitchen Goddess that is Netty Natters (it must be in the genes...) for the TMI tag.  For those of you who know how much I can rabbit on, there's no such thing as TOO much information, surely? 

What are you wearing?
Black trousers and a purple velvet top.  I've been up since 5.30 am, travelled a 200 mile round trip to a funeral and straight into hosting a sleepover for my daughter.  It's 8.41 pm and I've just sat down.  I'm too lazy to change.  I may even sleep in this outfit.  Because I can. And if anyone else wants anything else tonight, they can bloody go get it/do it themselves.  I'm done.
Ever been in love?
Yes.  I'm married to the love of my life, and every day I thank God that I found him, and that he puts up with me. 

Ever had a terrible breakup?
Yes.  It was a breakup that wasn't a proper breakup at the time, and the effects didn't hit me until many years later.  And it devastated me.  I never, ever want to go through that level of emotional pain again, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.   I'm alright now though.  *Twitches*

How tall are you?
5 foot 1.  Possibly 5 foot 2.  But more likely 5 foot 1. 

How much do you weigh?
Currently 15 stone something, which is better than the 19 stone I was this time 3 years ago, but still a long way from perfect.

Do you have any Tattoos?
Me and needles?  Ho.  Mr G is a tattoo addict though.  
Any Piercings?

Favourite Show?
Don't watch much TV.  Last favourite show was Homeland but they killed Brody.  Can't see how it's going to work.  Also loved The Shield.  Loved me some Vic Mackey.  Got a thing for bad boys I guess!

Favourite Bands?
Lawson.  Lawson.  Lawson.  Disclosure.  Tegan and Sara.  Lawson.  The Beatles.  Lawson.  The Pierces.  Lawson.  Sarah McLachlan.  Lawson and Lawson.  And The Beat (Rankin' Roger's line up).  Oh, and Lawson. 
Something you miss?
I miss so many people who have gone from my life.  I really miss my best friend Emma who passed away four years ago.  33 is no age for anyone to die.  We'd been friends since we were 10.  I think about her a lot, I wonder what she'd make of things that have happened.  I wonder what advice she'd give me.  And I know she would have been right.  I miss some people who are living and no longer in my life as well.  I think sometimes that mourning those relationships is harder than mourning the ones with those who have passed on.  At least with death comes a finality, you know nothing can ever change, that person isn't coming back.  When you've grown apart from the living, it leaves you with a shitheap of what if's and if only's.  Knowing that things could be different, being too scared to make the first move, being scared of rejection.  That's what has the power to break you.  But I've seen only too well in Em's case, that nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow, so if you have something you need to make right, you do it today.  Tomorrow never comes.  I digress...
Favourite Song? 
My all time favourite song is and will always be Stardust 'Music Sounds Better With You' because when my eldest was 2, and critically ill in hospital recovering from Meningitis and Septicaemia, this video came on the telly that was on in his room and he sat bolt upright and was transfixed by it.  So it's special in that way, plus it's a really good song.  Lately though I'm hammering Disclosure's 'Latch', The Pierces 'You'll be Mine', Grouplove's 'Tongue Tied' and anything by Lawson.  I like Lawson, did I mention that?
How old are you?
37.  Nearly 38.
Zodiac sign?
Taurus, Cancer rising, Libra moon.

Quality you look for in a partner?
I know it's a cliche but a sense of humour.  You'll be attracted to who you're attracted to at the end of the day, whether you've got a penchant for pretty boys, redheads, beards.  I like chubby men.  Who can make me laugh.  Hence Johnny Vegas.  And my husband.
Favourite quote?
Oh, I have many many many wonderful quotes but I think this is very true - "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."
Favourite actor?
For me, David Marciano, hands down since the mid 90's.  Wonderful, versatile, and highly under-rated actor.  I'm privileged to have been an online 'friend' of his since the days of MySpace, and this is a man who values his fans.  No matter how famous he is.  If he gets more airtime in the next season of Homeland, I may consider watching it.

Favourite colour?

Loud music or soft?
Loud.  With my headphones on.  Because apparently the music I listen to is crap.  Says the man who likes Phil Collins.

Where do you go when you’re sad?
The only sanctuary I have is my bedroom I suppose.  I don't even get peace here.  The kids will walk past their father to come upstairs to ask me can I go downstairs to make them a drink/ice cream/hot chocolate.  Grrrrrr.

How long does it take you to shower?
About 20 minutes when I have time.  5 minutes when I don't.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Ha, I laughed at this.  Get ready in the morning.  *Snort*.  
Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes.  Not adding to that.
Turn on?
Funny.  Nice eyes.  Sensitivity.  I love a man who can express his emotions.  Also someone who is willing to fight for me, to prove that I am worth it.  Some have physically fought me, some have fought over me, but only one who would fight for me.  And I'm married to him. 

Turn off? 
Any bigotry or intolerance of any kind.  I couldn't be with a racist or homophobe.  

The reason I started a blog?
I actually started this in 2008, and it was just because really.  Because I could.  Why I keep going I have no idea because nobody interacts with me, they come, look at my cheesecake recipe and bugger off.

Needles, slugs, snails, anything medical, and I mean anything, cutting myself, blood.  Papercut?  I'm passing out while I'm shaking and trying to put on a plaster with one hand.  Frogs.

Last thing that made you cry? 
Today, after the funeral, we stopped at the cemetery to put flowers on my mother and father in law's grave.  Seeing Mr G upset always triggers me off too.

Last time you said you loved someone? 
Mr G on the way home in the car
Meaning behind your blog name? 
Well, I'm known as Shell, and I'm permanently Frazzled, so...  And no, don't ask why it's Frazzled Shell but the link is flusteredshell.  Even I don't know what the hell I did there.  Or why.  Or how. 

Last book you read? 
Oh that trilogy - L D Davis 'Accidentally on Purpose'.  Buy it, read it!  That's an order!

The book you’re currently reading? 
James Altucher's 'Choose Yourself'

Last show you watched? 
Jeez.  Um.  I sort of watched Casualty last Saturday.  In that I was in the room and it was on TV?  Does that count?

Last person you talked to? 
Cait, my daughter. 

The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 
My brother.  Who had the most bizarre, random question for me.  They usually are, but this took the biscuit even by his standards.   After nearly losing him last year, I just thank God that he's still here to ask me weird things!

Favourite food? 
I love curry.   Spicy food, the hotter the better.
Place you want to visit? 
For years I'd have said New York.  I don't have any desire to go anywhere that far flung any more.  Boring.

Last place you were? 
Do you have a crush? 
A?  As in one?  Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.  You ready for this?
David Tennant.  The guy in the lift in Disclosure's 'Latch' video.  Johnny Vegas.  Damien Lewis.  Michael Chiklis.  Adam Pitts (from Lawson).  Adam Levine.  Danny Mac (Dodger from Hollyoaks).  Paddy McGuinness.  Jay Z.  Pharrell Williams.  And.  Howard Webb.  The referee.  United's 12th man.  Don't judge me.
Last time you kissed someone? 
Mr G earlier.  I love kissing Mr G. 

Last time you were insulted? 
Earlier in the week when Mr G said to Adam 'You look just like your Mum'.  Meaning, facially.  He exclaimed 'Are you saying I'm fat?' And he meant it. 
Favourite flavour of sweet? 
Peanut butter.  Reese's anything. 

What instruments do you play? 
Recorder.  Keyboard.

Favourite piece of Jewellery? 
I'm more into junk jewellery.  I love my Sekonda Crystalla watch though.

Last sport you played? 
Erm... no.  Not unless Kiss Chase counts as a sport? 
Last song you sang? 
The last music I heard was Tasmin Archer's 'Great Expectations' CD this morning, our car doesn't have a stereo at the moment, so it'll be something off that CD.

Favourite chat up line? 
'Do you want a mint imperial?'  Which was Mr G's chat up line for me. 

Have you ever used it? 
No, but I bloody fell for it.  I took two though.  Stole his mint imperials and his heart.  Awwwwwww.

Last time you hung out with someone? 
Aside from Mr G and my children, it's been so long, too long since I have hung out with anyone.  The start of the year has flown by.   Plus, I despise most people.  So... it's not looking too good socially.

Who should answer these questions next?
I never have any luck tagging people, they've either already done it, or don't have time to do it, or don't want to do it.  So - if you're a blogger, and you're reading this, and you want to do it - pop your link in the comments section and I'll come over and have a look. 


M x


  1. Definitely in the genes hunny ;-) Aww your answers made me both LOL and cry, bless you! Thank you so much for joining in, especially after such a busy day. xx

    ps just off to see you're cheesecake recipe... then I'm off, haha! :-)

  2. It was actually fun, I could do these types of posts and nothing else to be honest!

    You mock, but I was serious... *nods* :-( xx


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