Saturday, 30 August 2008

Summer 2008 Retrospectives - Camping

Ryan loving the freedom in Oakmere, Cheshire.

This Summer, after five years without a holiday, we bit the bullet and decided to buy some camping stuff (in memory of Nainie Blue). We managed to go away twice, both occasions were a washout, it has to be said, but - we have the gear now, we can pack the car up and go any time.

Caitlin and Adam

Adam made his presence felt by fiddling with the gas and water supplies of the caravans from the outside...

The onsite pub, which sadly we didn't get a chance to go to

Our new tent - stuff divorces are made of...

We then went for a short break to Trearddur Bay.  With our new tent.  In hindsight, the sodden heap of tent we shoved back to Tesco would have probably been less stressful than this nightmarish enigma.

Denise and Pete cooking everyone breakfast

The first evening, and indeed the next morning were really nice.  In the afternoon, however, the weather took a turn for the worse.

Ryan and Beth.  The weather was just about to turn nasty...

The Dans, Cait and a large wooden owl...

Half an hour later we were soaked to the skin and back in the tent for the rest of the night (albeit with Cod and chips from a lovely chippy in Holyhead!).  Then came the storm.  The kids slept through it, we adults didn't... thankfully only a 30 minute drive home, running on empty!

Summer 2008 Retrospectives - Raft Race

Okay.  The weather was appalling, but we had some fun along the way.   Not as many barbecues as I'd have liked - of note was Denise's "Meant-To-Be-Outdoors-But-It's-Raining-And-I-Am-NOT-Cancelling-It" Indoor Barbecue ("I don't care if there's a monsoon - we are HAVING a barbecue").  Here are some of the highlights;

Raft Race Day, May 2008. Steve and I watching the non-event from the Bowling Green. Another miserable day.... missing Jaffa this year!  Maybe next year, eh?

A raft being towed in, which was kind of the recurring theme for the whole day.   Did anyone finish off their own bat?

Mum, Daniel and Caitlin debating as to whether they would actually miss anything if they went to get a burger from Uncle David...

Ryan chilled out and enjoyed the atmosphere. Little dude!

The outdoor BBQ and bar packed, the atmosphere great, despite the weather.

Adam in a rare 'whinging' moment...