Saturday, 30 August 2008

Summer 2008 Retrospectives - Raft Race

Okay.  The weather was appalling, but we had some fun along the way.   Not as many barbecues as I'd have liked - of note was Denise's "Meant-To-Be-Outdoors-But-It's-Raining-And-I-Am-NOT-Cancelling-It" Indoor Barbecue ("I don't care if there's a monsoon - we are HAVING a barbecue").  Here are some of the highlights;

Raft Race Day, May 2008. Steve and I watching the non-event from the Bowling Green. Another miserable day.... missing Jaffa this year!  Maybe next year, eh?

A raft being towed in, which was kind of the recurring theme for the whole day.   Did anyone finish off their own bat?

Mum, Daniel and Caitlin debating as to whether they would actually miss anything if they went to get a burger from Uncle David...

Ryan chilled out and enjoyed the atmosphere. Little dude!

The outdoor BBQ and bar packed, the atmosphere great, despite the weather.

Adam in a rare 'whinging' moment...

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