Saturday, 15 March 2014

I Love My Round Up #3

Round Up

I haven't linked up to any blog hops for ages, every week I have such good intentions.  I'm going to have that put on my headstone when I peg it.  She had good intentions...  It's the only thing I'm consistent with these days...

1. What’s your favourite post you have posted this past fortnight?
Hmmmmmmm.  Probably 'Mr G gets an anal probe'.  Not because he was erm... probed, but because he made me laugh telling me about it.   And because of the stupid thing he said to the nurse. 

2. Share with us a post you have loved reading from someone else this past fortnight.
This from Netty Natters, an update on my beautiful little niece, Layla, who has started walking.

3. Do you enjoy reading books? If so what are you reading at the moment / what’s your favourite book?
I love reading.  I'm currently reading James Altucher's 'Choose Yourself'.  Just finished L D Davis 'Accidentally on Purpose' trilogy, which made me cry :-(  Absolutely fantastic set of books.

4. If you could spend 5 minutes with someone who would it be?
Ah, the answer to that makes me so sad it would probably set me off crying, and I'm having a good day so - pass.  But I would get to say a proper goodbye, and have a huge hug.  I knew it, I'm teary, I should have shut up!

5. What three words would you use to describe your blog?
Largely ignored and bizarre.


  1. Your blog is amaze shhh <3 <3 and you had me in stitches with the anal probe oh dear! Thank you so much for linking up with us xx

    1. Thank you Sarah <3 Glad you had a giggle. Hopefully I'll have a moment to do it again next week :-) xx


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