Sunday, 8 May 2016

Birthday Weekend Away - Part One

Well, we are back after our wonderful weekend away.  Everything, absolutely everything went so well that we still can't believe it.  Everything exceeded our expectations, and we had the best time ever.  It's always nice to have a little break away without the children now and again, and this was the best ever.  We crammed so much into two days that it's going to take days to document it, so I'm splitting it all up into different posts.

Our weekend started off the moment that the children left for school on Friday morning, and we headed down the A55 to St Winefrides Well in Holywell.  The legend of St Winefride can be found on the website, I won't start quoting chunks of history or these blog posts will be even bigger than they already (probably) will be!  Here are some pictures of the stunning, and very peaceful St Winefrides.

The interior of the Well Crypt

"Step back a bit" said Mr G.  Good job I checked...

Mr G filling a bottle with Holy Water

We took so many pictures this weekend that it's so hard to pick our favourites, so I'll just include a few from each place.  When we'd finished at St Winefrides, we wanted to make for Llangollen, but avoiding the A55 so we set the sat nag for Mold, and once there, for our destination in Llangollen.  We had never driven that way before, so we saw some really beautiful countryside, and approached Llangollen via the Horseshoe Pass, which had some of the most spectacular views I've ever seen.

Our lunch destination was a little off the beaten track... much more off the beaten track than I anticipated.  As we drove up the country road, we were convinced that we'd gone the wrong way but soon some signs along the roadside told us to keep going.  I'd picked Prospect Garden because I find the main strip in Llangollen a bit too busy.  I can never relax and just enjoy my food because I feel like someone is waiting for me to finish and jump in my grave.  As we pulled up next to a people carrier in the car park, we were smiling as it was full of North Wales Crusaders car stickers.  A lady outside greeted us warmly outside, and I told her we were starving so she said we'd come to the right place.  I was going to have a cream tea but upon seeing that they offered homemade soup and a sandwich, we both decided to have that.  We sat outside as it was really warm and surveyed the beautiful gardens and the scenery.

The soup was roasted butternut squash, and I had egg mayo and cress on brown and Mr G had roast turkey and stuffing on white.  

The lady who brought our food turned out to be the fellow Crusaders fan, and we said we would look out for her, apparently she sits not too far behind us.  Highly recommend a visit to Prospect Garden if you're in the Llangollen area (sat nav postcode LL20 7YL).  It was so peaceful up there.

We then went for a little amble around Llangollen, looked in the local art and craft gallery, and we were sad to see our favourite little shop was closing down, it sells all sorts of hippy dippy mystical stuff.  Mr G found some beer pump badges in a little junk shop so he was chuffed.  

Llangollen Bridge

Then it was time to go to our B&B which wasn't very far from Llangollen.  To be continued...

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