Friday, 20 May 2016

A Mixed Bag

We had a great night last Saturday, although everyone was disjointed between the shed and the house, and guess where I spent most of the night?  Yes.  You will always find her in the kitchen at parties... All the food went, no waste - which I like to see.  I woke up to a destroyed kitchen as usual, it took me two hours to clean it up *sad face*.  But, for a wonder, I had no hangover.  Which was nice.  And rare.  Apparently about three pints of Pimms with Jager Bomb chasers suits me.  Who knew?  Took me until 40 to find that one out?  You live and learn...

Looking forward to this weekend now, and we potentially have a really busy Saturday ahead of us.
Firstly, it's Stuart Reardon's testimonial match in Queensway, Wrexham tomorrow.  He is a little bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. He's very pleasant to look at, and I'm not usually that shallow, to be honest.  I am the woman whose other celeb crushes include Johnny Vegas and Michael van Gerwen, after all?

Ooooh 'ello...

That's an all day event with young kids from the local area playing before Cru take on his old amateur team West Bowling, beer festival (!) and food.  He's donating 15% of the gate to the Supporters Trust, fair play.  I hope he has a good turnout.   The reason I say 'potentially' a busy weekend, is that the weather is supposed to be awful.  Mr G read somewhere that the winds were going to be 50 mph, and it's promising rain all day.  Not only do I not like the thought of him driving miles with our children in that weather, but it could even be postponed.  I'm going to have to keep an eye on Twitter in case there's a last minute cancellation.  Lesson learned there, after the start of the season!

No sooner than we'll get home, we have to almost immediately get ready for a fancy dress disco and hog roast (nom) at the Yacht Club in Beaumaris in aid of my daughter's old Brownie troop.  The theme this time was pop stars, tv stars or film stars.  Mr G's choice was very inspired.  He's going as Kenneth du Beke, the camp hairdresser from 'Benidorm', and me...? I am going as Young Kenny from 'Phoenix Nights'.  You remember, he of the tiger face paint?  I have to wear a Manchester City shirt!  (Which I am going to ceremonially burn in the firepit on Sunday morning #GGMU #MUFC).  Mr G had a trial run tonight, without the bronzer and eyeliner though, and he looks fab.  Photographs will be posted on Sunday morning ;-)

Then on the Sunday, my little nieces are Queen and attendant in the Carnival Crowning ceremony and my daughter is taking part in the majorettes for the third year.  So, all in all, it has the potential to be a busy but fun weekend again :-)

Mr G has had a relatively quiet, gobshite-free week.  Except for this one.

Me:  What do you want as a side with your burger tonight?
Mr G:  Hmmmm.  Have we got any of those wedges that we had Saturday night?
Me:  No.
Mr G: What about some prickly fries?
Me:  Pardon?
Mr G:  Shut up.  They're not called that...
Me: ...
Mr G:  What do I mean.  Those chips that are like... *makes spiral shapes in the air*
Me:  Curly fries?

Tee hee...

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