Thursday, 5 May 2016

On Top Form

It's not just the children, Mr G too has been on fine, fine form of late.  And the thing is he knows.  He knows the moment that he opens his mouth, that what he has said will end up on Frazzled Shell.  God love him.

For the last two days he has been trying to purchase a new jacket.  He has winter coats, showerproof  jackets, fleece tops and sporty type jackets.  But for this weekend he wanted a casual/smart jacket that could be paired with jeans or trousers, that had no branded logo or sports team affiliation.  So on Tuesday evening after browsing Amazon, he went off to Matalan, Sports Direct, Tesco, Asda... dragging a bemused Adam with him... Adam being very much like me, buy the first one that you find that fits.  They came home empty handed.  Yesterday, we hit town.  If you know the City of Bangor, you'll know that your choice is, erm, limited slightly, especially if you're a larger, older gentleman.  On a budget.  So, we figured, Peacocks.  Greenwoods.  And on the off chance, one of the many, many charity shops on the High Street.  

We hit Peacocks first.  Straight through the door, the first rail directly in front of us, lovely casual jacket, in his size.  Tried it on, it fit.  He wasn't 100% sure, so we just checked the charity shops and Greenwoods, and came back to buy the first jacket.  Adam comes home from school...

Mr G: I managed to find a jacket today, Adam.
Adam:  Did you?  Thank God that's over with...
Me:  No, to be fair Adam, he found it in the first shop he went in to.  Right in front of the door.
Adam: *glares at Mr G*  Oh.  Great.  And you dragged me around loads of shops and didn't get anything?
Mr G:  I didn't buy it straight away.
Adam:  Why not?
Mr G:  I had a look in all the scrap yards first.
Adam:  Scrap yards?  Isn't that where cars go to die?
Me: *crying* 
Mr G:  No, not scrap yards, what are they called.
Me:  Charity shops... 

And then.  And then!  I am washing up and chatting to Mr G as he makes us a coffee.  I tell him that Lawson's new studio album is out in July, and that I can't wait for it.  

Me:  Oooh.  Lawson's new album is released in July.  I'll pre-order it if I can.
Mr G:  Is their new single off it called 'Penetration' or something?
Me:  *stops washing up*  What???
Mr G:  The new single.  Penetration?
Me:  Um, no.  I think you might be thinking of the new album title, which is 'Perspective'?
Mr G:  That's the one. 

Can you imagine?  This week, straight in at number one... Penetration by Lawson... 


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