Monday, 9 May 2016

Birthday Weekend Away - Part Three

On the Saturday morning we both woke up really early, about half past five in the morning.  We lay talking and planning the day ahead for a while, and I Googled to see where the village shop was and we decided to go for a walk to get a cold drink before breakfast, which Debbie had said she'd make for about quarter to eight for us.  

The little village was so peaceful and the shop wasn't too far away.  We passed the other pub in the village, The White Lion, and we decided that we'd call in there that evening and sample a pint there before going to Ye Olde Boote.  We walked back on the castle side, the grounds are open, it's not one that closes, so we walked around the grounds and took a few pictures.  

And we found a set of these... I may invest in a set for the back garden, so Mr G and I can recreate happy memories.  Or I can use them when he's in the doghouse...

Come on, Shell!  Let me out!

We arrived back at the B&B and Debbie was up and about cooking, so she said to give her about ten minutes and come down for our breakfast.  There was a wide array of things on offer for us on top of the full English, cereals, muesli, fresh fruit, yogurts, but we just stuck to fruit juice, coffee and the cooked breakfast as we knew we were eating out later.  The toast was really thick cut, fresh bread.  I had brown and Mr G had white.

The sausage were exceptionally good.  After scoffing our breakfast we went up to our room, had our showers and got ready for our day out visiting some of the churches on my list.

First up was All Saints Church in Gresford.  This was the one that I was expecting the least from (meaning no offence, but I was expecting to be blown away by the other two).  We parked up and we walked inside, and it struck me straight away.  Wow, I said to Mr G.  There was an old lady there who came over to us and said hello.  I asked her if it was ok if we took some photographs inside the church, that there was no flash, and she said yes.  You couldn't at one point but it was allowed now.  

The stained glass windows in the church were beautiful, I'm afraid my photography doesn't do them any justice at all.  

"Elizabeth, The Virgin Mary, Christ The Good Shepherd and St John" 1877

"Joshua, David, St Alban and St George" 1877

"Moses and Scenes from The Passion" 1875

"The Raising of Lazarus" 1868

In St Catherine's Chapel, there was a painting commemorating the Gresford Mining Disaster of 1934.  Mr G had never heard of this before, and as the son of a miner, this interested him.  It was really sad, 266 men died and only eleven bodies were ever recovered.  

After a lovely stroll around the church, we bought a couple of postcards and left a small donation.  We walked around the church to get back to the car, and this exchange happened.  Mr G had been pottering in the garden before we left, and added to that, two more days of sunshine and he was... erm... slightly aglow, shall we say.  As we passed a grave he commented.

Mr G:  Look.  Thomas Berry 1816.
Me:  Look.  Jerry the Berry 2016.
Mr G: Sod off...

Mr G...

To be continued...

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