Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Another Fab Weekend

Despite the weather warnings, nothing really came of it apart from some drizzle, so on Saturday morning we made our way to Stuart Reardon's testimonial match in Queensway, Wrexham.  It was a nice day, and we parked up, paid our admission and stopped at the merchandise stall.  Three ladies manned the stall.  One says to me.

"Look!  Bargain.  Mug, keyring and pen.  £2 for all three!"

Ooooh, I think.  Yes please.  The mug states 'Have a brew with Stu."  Adorned with pictures of him topless.  Yes please, I think, while wondering what happens to his shorts when hot liquid is in the mug.  Or, if I turned the pen upside down... I digress...

"Wouldn't you like to have a brew with Stu?" she asked me.

"Would I!  I'd have more than a brew with him." I replied.  And then I think... shite.  "Oh my God, none of you are married to him, are you?"

"Yes, her." said the lady I'd been speaking to, and there turned around a slight, slim and very beautiful young woman.  Naturally.  Mr G pointed out that he couldn't take me anywhere.  I apologised profusely and she laughed and said it was ok.  So, that's twice now I have managed to embarrass myself in front of the players' family members by being a lecherous old trollop.  I must now learn my lesson, and stop doing this.  I won't, by the way... they always come in threes.

As we approached the steps to our seats, there he was, stood in front of us, like a God... ok, ok, I'll stop.  Caitlin started giggling and told me to go and ask if I could have a selfie.  I cringed and walked to my seat, while she went and asked him for a selfie.  The cow.   Mr G bought me his calendar, which could fall under the remit of 'artistic' hehehehe.  It was really fun watching the match, the players were obviously enjoying themselves - with no pressure on them, it was nice to see them smiling.  After taking a hammering in the first half, West Bowling nicked Stu and some of the Crusaders, and even the match officials were joining in, kicking the ball back into play.  Even the manager Muzza played, fair play to him, he was having a real go, and looked knackered after.  Mr G told him that Wigan had been on the phone to see if he could get up to Newcastle for the Magic Weekend, to which Muzza replied that he'd be watching that one from the couch.

A few words for the crowd after the match

No sooner as we'd arrived home, picked up Dan from his Halls on the way, stuck a couple of pizzas in the oven, and we had to start getting ready for our fancy dress disco.  Two hours and counting.  And this was the finished effect.

Young Kenny and Kenneth du Beke

My outfit was finished off with a checked lumberjack style shirt borrowed from my friend Denise.  I can't believe I had to wear a City shirt.  But I'm pleased to say that Mr G won first prize in the fancy dress!  Well deserved too, he looked absolutely brilliant.  My costume was a bit off-beat, if you weren't a Phoenix Nights fan, you wouldn't know who I was.  Benidorm is a more popular programme.  Still - it was nice to go out one night and not worry about my hair, my make up, whether my bum looked big in what I was wearing (answer - yes).  It was a brilliant night, hopefully raised money for a good cause, and I was so proud of my husband who looked spot on.  I bet we looked a sight on the dancefloor :-)

On the Sunday my little nieces were in the Carnival Crowning ceremony, as they were Rosebud Queen and attendant, and they both looked absolutely beautiful (it's the genes).  The actual Carnival is this Saturday, so I hope this lovely weather holds for them.  The children have just sprung it on me that it's half term and they're off school next week.  This cannot be right, didn't they just go back to school?  Dan has one more exam left and he'll be moving back home for the summer at the start of June.  So that's my food bill going up considerably because can that boy man eat!   I have to sort his bedroom out which has become the official home of my ironing pile(s), the camp bed, and all manner of unhomed junk.  Le joys... Still, it means Summer is upon us, barbecues, socialising with good friends, camping, sunshine, days out, love it!

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