Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Birthday Weekend Away - Part Five

I'd booked us into 'THE Chinese Buffet' in Wrexham for 3.30, and after eating our breakfast before 8 am that morning, I was ready to chew my arm off.  I'd never eaten at one of these chain type places before, when I've had a Chinese Buffet, it's always been in a little independent restaurant.

We were given the walk around and shown where everything was.  There was such a vast array of food, and only a percentage of what is available in the evenings.  I tried Char Sui Pork, Kung Po Chicken, Egg Fried Rice, Mixed Veg Rice, and what I now perceive to be 'the future' - Chicken Toast.  Chicken.  Toast.  That was my 'garlic bread' moment there.  It shouldn't work, but it did.  Then, saying that, prawn toast shouldn't really work, should it?  I then tried some Mongolian Chicken, and Shanghai Beef.  

There was also an impressive range of desserts.  Mr G had spotted some people walking around with ice cream cones, so that's what he made himself.  I went for the chocolate cake with cream.

After eating we slowly ambled back to the train station to our car, and headed back to the hotel for a shower and to get ready.  We went to The White Lion, only intending to stay for one.  We sat in the beer garden and the moment we plonked our bums down on the benches, the first drop of rain hit our heads. 

We went back inside to the little bar and ended up spending the night drinking with some really lovely and very amusing locals, we were made to feel very welcome.  I was on a local Offa's Pride beer all night. Within minutes of sitting down, the heavens opened and we were treated to a thunder and lightning storm.

The next morning, we packed our bits and bobs and went to have our breakfast.  We noticed there was a little car boot sale setting up in the car park of the Castle, so we asked Debbie if it was ok to leave our car parked up while we had a look around.  Mr G found two Bell's Whisky bells for his pub, a little miner's lamp, and I had some tomato plants, some of which the varieties I'd never seen before.  We had another walk around the Castle grounds, visited the bookshop and gift shop.

Daniel O'Donnell

The picture of Mr G above really made me giggle.  It looks like he's missing a sheepdog, and about to start breaking into a song a la Daniel O'Donnell...

Mr G...

After we'd finished in Whittington, we made for Wrexham... and encountered the biggest car boot sale on the way in a place called Halton, that we'd ever seen in our lives.  We spent about an hour and a half there, and we had to leave in order to get to The Racecourse for 1.15 pm.  Mr G found so many shed pub bits, and he was muttering 'Stop me buying things' intermittently.

When we arrived at The Racecourse, we were shown up to the suite where we were having our food. 

They even lay on eye candy for me... #reardon #testimonial #hintsatmrg

Lovely Sunday Lunch

Anthony Murray giving a pre-match speech

We were almost instantly served our roast beef dinner.  The roast beef was so thick and was cooked perfectly.  The Manager 'Muzza' came in to give a pre-match speech, he seemed really, really lovely.  Then Ryan, the new general Manager came in with a surprise that he had helped Mr G with, he'd taken a birthday card to the dressing room just before kick off and got all the team and staff to sign it for me!  I was speechless and completely made up!

My card signed by the Crusaders :-)

Soon it was time to go down to our seats, and - there was almost a different atmosphere about the place.  Whether it was that the sun was shining, I don't know, but there was an air of confidence, in not only the team, but the fans too.  We were treated to a fantastic game of rugby, Cru were brilliant.  The fans were noisy, and I was jumping up and down and screaming.  The icing on the cake was the final score - the first home league win of the season - 40 - 18.  They even scored 40 points for me, how amazing ;-)

Rapturous standing ovation for the lads

Full time Cru - 40 Oxford - 18

I can't put into words how amazing this weekend was, from the moment we left the house on Friday until we got home on Sunday evening.  There will always be a low point of any trip away, some minor detail or blemish or something.  But Mr G and I were just constantly looking at each other saying 'Well, all we need is that this meal be nice' and 'All we need now is for a home win...'.  Just waiting for something to complain about.  Nada.  Absolutely everything, the weather (24 degrees on Sunday!), the people we met, the accommodation, the beers, the food, the bits we found at the car boot sales, the rugby, the surprises - everything not only met, but exceeded our expectations.  I want life to be like that, always.

So I would like to say a huge thank you to Mary and Alexander, who were the catalyst behind this amazing weekend with their wonderful and generous gift.  You couldn't have chosen a more perfect place for us.  You're the best friend ever.  Love you lots.  Thank you to Mum and Dad for looking after the minions this weekend, without you, we wouldn't have been able to have such quality 'us' time together.  Thank you to Ryan and the Crusaders lads for making my day.  And last but by no means least, thank you to my wonderful amazing husband, the love of my life and my soulmate, for sharing this weekend with me, and indulging me completely in everything that I wanted to do.  I hope you had as much fun as I did, even if you did have to spend it with one of the 'marauding Welsh'... (that's a story for the next post, readers... lol).


  1. awwwww ive loved reading these posts about your weekend I didnt want it to end!!! Love reading your posts anyway but these ones warmed my cockles ;)
    I'm so so so pleased you had the most wonderful weekend, well deserved both of you and made up that everything was lovely for you xxx

    1. Ruddy hell, I replied to this once and Google went nuclear on me, logged everyone out of Google, Blogger, Youtube... ffs. Thank you my lovely, it was amazing, I didn't want it to end! I want to move to Whittington lol. You coming with? Your turn next, even if it is all inclusive in Menai Bridge. Bed, board, drinks, curry. Nomsayin? Lylljt xxx


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