Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Birthday Weekend Away - Part Four

We arrived in Wrexham and parked in the station car park, and walked down to St Mary's Cathedral Church.  I hadn't realised that this was the church that we walked past most Sundays when we go to watch Cru.  We went in, but there was a lot of kerfuffle going on at the front, women decorating seats with flowers and ribbons, so we thought that maybe there was a wedding imminent.  We had a brief look around and then we went on our way.  I didn't take any photos inside here.

St Mary's Church

We then walked down the main street and hit Primarni, which it has to be said is a living nightmare on a Saturday - anywhere in the UK.  Mr G wanted to find a neon coloured vest for a fancy dress do in two weeks time.  When you want plain white/grey/black/navy vests for a man you won't find anything but pink/green/orange/yellow coloured ones.  This year apparently neon isn't in.  Ho hum.  It was boiling hot and the queues were snaking into the store.  We did a bit more shopping and then went down to St Giles Church, the one I had really been looking forward to.

The approach to St Giles Church

St Giles was also buzzing full of busy looking women.  After ascertaining that we could take photographs inside we walked around. 

The ceiling was full of Angels, with one red devil

"Christ teaching by the lakeside" 1903

"St David and The Royal Welsh Fusiliers" 1989

St Giles truly was a beautiful church - albeit not as peaceful as I'd expected.  Out of the three though, my favourite was All Saints in Gresford.  That was so tranquil and beautiful, that had the wow factor from the moment I walked in the door.  The moment we parked up and stopped the car, the bells starting ringing to signal 10 o'clock, right on cue.

Elihu Yale's tomb

Elihu Yale's tomb

This concluded my 'Church geek' 'Seven Wonders' part of my birthday weekend.  Wrexham Steeple, Llangollen Bridge, Gresford Bells and St Winefride's Well - done :-)

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