Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Another lovely surprise

Because everyone (except me) knew I was going away and had been keeping an eye on my 40 before 40 list, a hair appointment was booked for me to have a cut, colour and blow dry.  Just as well really because I was starting to look like an old hippy, and the greys, oh my days.  This is something that never ever happens for me.  I have my hair cut at home, and it's a dry cut and Mr G colours my hair.  I'm not going to show you the front view yet, because hello - #nomakeup and sorry, but Beyonce I ain't.  If I had her face, and her millions, then maybe I'd inflict my sour, pasty, wrinkly mush on you.  However, the dramatic part is when you see how much I've had cut off.  Sheesh.  I didn't realise just how long my hair was until I looked at the picture Mr G took.

Before and after

I'm really impressed with the cut, it's so much lighter and it's going to be easier to style.  And the main thing is that I cannot revert to my default behaviour of just brushing it and putting it up in one of those claw clips.  I have to make an effort of sort now.  It's too short to tie back at all.  Yay :-)

In other news.  My children are like locusts once I've been shopping.  If it's in the house, it has to be eaten.  Immediately.  So, with Mum babysitting this weekend, the goodies I bought yesterday, I hid in a storage cupboard they never go in.  And true to form, one by one they wandered aimlessly around downstairs looking for 'something' to eat.  Is it just me, or when we were young, did we have our tea and then that was it for the day?  Maybe a slice of toast for supper?  I hear Ryan rummaging around in our bread bin, which, funnily enough, never has bread in it.  Sweets, cakes, biscuits, yes.  Bread?  No.  Eventually he comes in to the living room, holding up one of these 'ring pop' sweets.  And this exchange happens...

Ryan:  Mum.  How in the hell long has this been in there?
Me:  (looks up) Got to be at least five months.  Maybe longer.
Ryan:  Can I have it?
Me:  Yes.
Mr G:  What is it?
Ryan:  A ring pop.  Can I have it?
Mr G:  No.
Ryan:  Sorry, but Mum's already said yes.  And Mum's the man of the house.  Dad, I don't mean to be funny with my next statement, but Mum is manlier than you?

I don't know whether to be impressed, or insulted by that comment?  It has to be rough with the smooth, because yesterday I was also told by the hairdresser that I didn't look like I was about to turn 40, apparently I have a really young face.  Bwahahahahaha.  Not altogether convinced about that, but a nice compliment all the same :-)  Better than being told I was more masculine than my husband, anyway?

Two days until our weekend away, which has kind of thrown me a bit after the Bank Holiday, it only feels like Tuesday today.  I haven't even made a list of what we need to take!  Yet... ;-)

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