Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Trial Post

I've not bitten the bullet as yet and posted with my ipad.  I've tried, and I've realised you get to a certain point in the post and can't scroll down. A frantic Google search reveals that it's not just me. Thankfully.  It usually is.  One 'solution' is the blogger app.  And reviews aren't too brilliant.  However, like film reviews, music reviews, I prefer to make my mind up.  I am sooooo willing this to work.  And for (got) autocorrect not to (yo, really autocorrect? Yo makes more sense there than 'to'?) autocorrect me too embarrassingly, and me miss it, you know.  

Obligatory picture upload, tonight's tea, al fresco...

Ok, so seemingly I can't caption... Or can I?  If you use this and know I can, jet me know in the comments.  Let me know.   Jet?

So, I'm about yo hit post on this. To.  Not yo.  And then look at it in my browser.   To see if it works.  Weep.   Deep.    E e e p.  

M x

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  1. I also didn't write 'do ok' at the start of my post. Bit glitchy but... It works! Yay!


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