Sunday, 27 July 2014

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Lewis

It's Sunday morning, and I am sat in my hotel room in the Premier Inn, Wrexham after a wonderful night's sleep.  Whether it was the bed, or the wine consumed last night remains to be seen, but either way, that mattress is coming home in my suitcase!  

We had a lovely, lovely day yesterday.  The weather, at home, in Oswestry and in Wrexham was perfect (until about 10pm when we had to take snoozy kids off to bed).  It looks like another glorious day today as well.  

Here are some pictures of the day... Including the dead bird on my head.  

Caitlin all ready to go, the boys and Mr G travelled in t shirts and got changed in the car park as it was HOT!

Pre wedding selfie.  See what I mean about the fascinator?  I look demented!

Waiting for the bride to arrive, while the groom paces nervously.  

Mum and Adam, who manages to look cheeky in every photo we take of him!

The ceremony was delayed as the bride's car had broke down.  The registrar had shut the main doors to the room so Nigel didn't see Stephanie... And we were all dying a death in there.   She told us later shed'd had to help push the wedding car.  What a girl!  Anyway, she made it and they're now husband and wife finally!


I want some of that...


A quick Diet Coke in the pub next door before we made our way to Wrexham to check in and have a quick wash and change...

Our lovely, comfy, inviting bed... But first, partay!

Llay Miners Welfare, where the reception was held, as it came into view, Mum said 'Look at that building, isn't it lovely?'  I told her that's where we were bound.  

The reception room was big, a lovely size for a party.  If I lived locally it's definitely somewhere I would use for a big party.  Drinks prices were reasonable too, soft drinks for 5 and a small red wine for me was around the £8 mark.  The tables had been dressed lovely with helium balloons, sweets and lovely wedding favours.

These scrolls were in pretty little voile bags with sugared almonds, little gems and a small butterly shaped mirror inscribed with the wedding details.  Lovely keepsake of the day!

Cait photobombed us...

Bride and Groom's first dance to 'Wonderwall'.

The DJ for the night has to be applauded too.  Not only did he play a fantastic mix of music, Motown, Indie, 80s, to present day, but all night he was taking photos from his podium but he walked round too table to table taking pictures and updated the big screen up on stage with photos of all the guests.  I hope that Steph has copies of them because there were some good ones of my lot.  

Too soon it was time to go back to the hotel, it had been a long day for everyone.  We went outside to find pouring rain, which was a bit of a relief after these last few days of incessant heat and humidity.  

A welcome sight...

That was our day, in a nutshell.  Now, we're going down for a coffee, and come back and pack our bag, then off home via Corwen and lunch at The Berwyn Arms, to celebrate Adam's birthday and round off a lovely weekend!  

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