Sunday, 6 July 2014

Phase Two... Part Two - Making it 'Ours'

What a glorious day it has been here today!  It's nearly 8 pm and it's still so, so hot!  The sun is beaming down, and I've had to shut all the blinds at the front of the house.  Sheesh!  I've left Mr G lying down in the summerhouse with his newspaper and a bottle of Diet Coke.  Yes, I know, it's his 'Shedpub' but the irony there is - he rarely drinks at home?  He enjoys a pint when he goes out, which is also very rarely, and if he has a drink at home he usually only has one or two.  So, on his part it's going to be a very dry Shedpub.  However, I am more than sure that I can compensate for that.  Especially if Denise and/or Helen are over too. 

We spent today working on the inside of the summerhouse and it's looking lovely, we're both so pleased with it.  It's a little bit him, and a little bit me.  Here are some photos we took, see if you can guess which bits are him and which are me... but before I show you, Mr G had this to say...

Me:  It will do.  It's fine.  Nobody will notice.  (Something was crooked).

Mr G:  No, it won't do.  I'll know.  I'll do it again.  That's just triggered my OMD off, that has. 

OMD.  You know, the 1980's New Wave, synth-pop group?   My husband has that, and today, it's been triggered...

♬ ... A little Catholic girl who's fallen in love... A face on a page, a gift from above ... ♫

Meanwhile, back at the ranch shed...

I know, it was his choice... nothing to do with me...

The Shedpub was being called this from the start.  Before the summerhouse was even a twinkle in our savings account.  Those who know us, or rather, know Mr G.  Those of you who are Northern.  You will need no introduction to the word 'Thrutch'.  Will you?   I don't anymore, but there was a time when I didn't know what it meant.   And words are, quite literally, failing me.   So, if you feel the need to know, check out the definition of the word 'Thrutch' here and then you can feel quite queasy at the fact that my husband has played on words to make the name of his Shedpub, a Wigan slang term for having a crap.  There.  I said it.  It can never be unsaid...

View from the bar...

That's where I'm going to be spending most of my time, feet up (see the strategically placed air freshener on the wall?  My husband thinks of everything!), glass of wine, Kindle, music, multipack of Reese's Pieces... you get the picture...

Guilty #girly

Pretty big shed, Dad?

I actually have the 'Mum's Shed' to match this one.  Know where it is?  Kitchen.  Say no more...

These are postcards taken from prints by a local artist based in Beaumaris called Janet Bell.  They all depict scenes of places on the Isle of Anglesey and Mr G and I both fell in love with them, they're so cute!  We shoved them in frames and they take up the wall opposite the sofa.

My two favourite ones, Menai Bridge and Beaumaris!

Mr G's clock made out of a Holsten Pils bottle.  I bought him this in 2011, in Devon, at a little shop that was closing down.  He kept it in its box all this time, with his 'Stuff for my Shedpub' :-)   It's lovely to see it up finally!

Mr G's two large Wigan Warriors pictures had been languishing in cupboards gathering dust since we moved to this house.   The picture in the middle is the Menai Suspension Bridge, and it's a print of a painting by an artist called Kevin Platt, and Mr G picked it up for 50p in the school Summer Fair last weekend!  Bargain!

Wine.  Large.  Red.  Now. 

Can you see my little Maneki Neko on the bar?

Busted... he's on Diet Coke, I'm on coffee, but it is a school night!

Behind the bar, ample space for 'The Coffin' (our camping freezer box, which is so big that someone is getting buried in it, to save money...) and the cushions from our pallet furniture on the decking next to the summerhouse - saves lugging it all the way from the house and back every day!

My biggest boy and my littlest boy, awwwwwwww!

Finally taking a well deserved lie down, thank you too for all your hard work Mr G, you've made it look lovely for us all :-)  I love you so much xxxxx

M x


  1. Phase 2 went so smoothly that I am plotting phase 3 & possibly phase 4 already, looking forward to spending summer and winter in my lovely Thrutch Inn :-D

    1. I know you are, I recognise the glazed look in your eyes. Plus you keep laughing every time I look at you, so that shows you are up to no good...

      PS - love the headline on the paper, you and Adam, Terror Twins. Apt! x

  2. Ohhh I love it Shell, love it, well don Mr G!!!! I can't wait to pop around to the 'Thrutch Inn' soon! What time is last orders? ;) lol. xxxx

    1. We never close, Netty. Never... Lol xx

  3. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT Well done indeed ! and so much fun yet to be had.


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