Thursday, 31 July 2014

Three Positives - Day Two

And yes, you may well see that I missed a day.  Not through my usual scatterbrainedness either.  A day of constant pain, and two hours sleep, and it's hard to grind the positives.  I've left that typo in because it made me chuckle.  I love you autocorrect.

1.  Slow release Tramadol.
Could this finally be the drug to manage my pain?   Yes, I've been giggly and happy and less ratty and tense than usual... This is a bad thing?  

2.  Day out in Llandudno.
My troops, Mum and Dad, brother and girlfriend and Emma went to Llandudno for the day.  We all had a lovely lunch in the Queens Hotel, before descending on the pier.  Mr G had a reading with a medium - very insightful, before we headed to check out the natural remedies in the Llandudno Emporium kiosk.   We now have oils... 

3.  New Cat.
Mr G bought me a new Maneki Neko :-).  A stalker version of one I gave already :-)

Laughing so much.   A smaller version of one I have already!

M x

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