Monday, 21 April 2014

That Thin Line Between Love and Hate...? Mr G just crossed it.

Happy Easter!  Thought I'd pop in briefly and say hello and let you know how my husband insulted me this week.   We've been entertaining guests this weekend and when they left yesterday, I was completely shattered.  So, so tired.  Mr G and I had surrendered our bed, and rather than kick Caitlin out of hers, we opted for a sofa each.  It has taken its toll... despite only being for two nights.

We had our Easter roast on Saturday as I thought my guests would be leaving early on Sunday, and everyone except Mr G and I had a McDonalds for lunch on Sunday.  Traditional!   So Mr G and I decided we'd have our takeaway last night, as I was all cooked out.  I ordered it online.  At 4.20 pm.  Asked him what time we should have it delivered.  Thinking as soon as possible.  'About 6.' says 'The Boss' (yeah, lol).  I died a little inside.  And ordered it for 6. 

Come 5 pm, well, I could have eaten a buttered brick, I was famished.  So I make a fairly innocuous statement.       

Me: What possessed you to say 6 pm for dinner?   I am soooooooo hungry!  I could eat my own head!

(The moment those words leave my lips, I mentally kick myself.  I just know...)

Mr G: *sniggers*  What a feast that would be! Bloody hell!

Me:  Shut up...

Mr G:  Well, it is Easter after all...

Me:  Stephen, I'm warning you... (He knows he's in trouble then, when Ste becomes Stephen, full title...)

Mr G:  Hey Jesus?  What do you want for your last supper? 
Ooooooooh we'll have Michelle's head please. It's big enough for us all. Oh, and put the leftovers in a doggy bag, I'll be back on Sunday after all.

Me:  You're going to hell. 

This is what I have to put up with. 

As I said earlier we had visitors for Easter, my sister in law and husband and my great nephew Mason.  He is a beautiful bundle of 2 year old energy.  I am absolutely exhausted, and I wasn't even in charge of him.  Just watching him was enough.  You needed eyes in your backside, because he was into everything, and the speed on him was unbelievable.  To think I've done it all four times, I was still caught out.  Repeatedly.  I love being a Mum, and I've always maintained that if I had the money and the space, I'd have more.  But after this weekend, I've had a taste of how much hard work it is and I really don't know if I could do it again at my age.  It's nice now, all my kids are reasonably independent, I don't need to feed at night, I don't need to wipe bottoms, or shower or bath any of them, they're just happy being fed and given piles of clean clothes.  Could I sacrifice a full night's sleep?  Could my back take it?

I was sat outside and Mason came out to join me and picked up a coaster as he passed and plonked his bottle down on it *awww* 

There is an update on the back saga.  I went to see Dr B on Wednesday.  I tell her about the back, the hips, and the knees.  I tell her that the position of the pain varies, but there is daily pain in either the left or right side of my back, or my right or left knee, and most days one side of the back and the opposite knee.  She asked me if I had had an X-Ray, and I tell her no.  So she filled in a form for me to go for an X-Ray (my first EVER!  I know!  I'm nearly 38!) and gave me a new prescription for pain relief.  I have to go between 8.30 and 12, but the next day, or rather the middle of the night, it's apparent Mr G is struggling, so he takes one of his tablets, you know, the Pethidine ones... *sigh* and I tell him to put his alarm off and that I'll go for my X-Ray on Tuesday or Wednesday.  So I'm a day or two off still, but at least I've done something about it.

The Big Wheel is back in Beaumaris, and we took the kids there on Saturday.  The in-laws didn't want to go on, and it was four to a car and not five, so I let Mr G take the minions on, and they loved it.  Adam impressed me, he loves the concept of the Big Wheel, he knows how big they all are, London Eye, Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool... but actually going on one?  Nah.  So he said he was going on this one (35 metres high) and I thought 'Yeah!'.  I watched him in the queue, right up to going on I thought that he would end up running from the queue back to me, but he proved me wrong, and he enjoyed it.  Mr G got some lovely photos, what a view from up there.  I want to go on it before it gets taken down and moved on.  Fingers crossed!

Beaumaris Eye, aye!

Beaumaris Castle

Puffin Island

Beaumaris Pier

Bangor Pier

And it's official, Siri has an issue with Mr G.  We were all doubled up laughing at this, well, all except Mr G, when my daughter decided to get clarification from him once and for all.

Amen to that, Siri.

My husband.  Even built in apps don't like him... ;-)  Heheh...

M x


  1. Ha! My hubby-to-be does this often. He has yet to realize that when I ask him "What time do you want to have dinner?" I am already hungry & am hoping that he will say as soon as possible. Six tends to be his go to time as well.

    Krys @ Mr&Me

    1. I obviously wasn't 'subtle' enough Krys... or I shouldn't have asked for his input and when it arrived at 4.30 - 'Oh you're not hungry yet? Well, you go ahead and stick yours in the microwave when you are then...' He'd have deserved it after yet another quip about my head size. I forgot to include the insult about my mouth in this post too. Men. Pfffffft.


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