Tuesday, 22 April 2014

(Almost) ashamed to be a Red today

I've been a Manchester United fan for about 21 years.  It was hard not to become dragged in, my father, brother, ex, and my husband are all passionate United fans.  My appreciation for the game has grown as I have got older, and rather than it being inflicted on me, football is a sport I actually enjoy watching.  And yes, I do understand the offside rule.  Or rather, got to understand it.  Eventually ;-)

Today, David Moyes was sacked as our manager.  I wasn't convinced that he was the right man for the job.  I had admired him over the years for what he did at Preston and Everton.  And watching my team's performance this season, it has been disheartening, but at the end of the day Moyes had Fergie's leftovers.  Players on the verge of retirement, players that should already have retired, players who knew they were leaving.  Players who at their peak are amazing, but injury prone.  In any other 'job', if a manager leaves, in comes a new manager, and if those employees don't do their job for whatever reason, it's not the manager that gets sacked.  These are grown men we're talking about, some of whom are earning more money in one week than we'll ever earn in our lives.   And they haven't earned it this season.  A workman is only as good as his tools at the end of the day... and David Moyes doesn't deserve the disrespect he's received.

Moyes should have been given another season, to bring in players, to get rid of the dead wood, and see how he went.  Mark my words, we'll end up one of those teams who have a revolving door, two new managers every season, no continuity, no morale, no silverware, nothing. 

United currently stand at 7th in the table.  They may not improve on that.  Mathematically it could be a place lower.  But I can guarantee you that on the last day of the season, there will be at least three clubs minimum who would gladly trade their league position for United's!

I remember seeing the 'Ta Ra Fergie' banner on TV many, many moons ago, I think I was in my early teens.  I wonder what division we'd be in now if the club hadn't stuck by Fergie? 

#ThankYouMoyes #BringBackMoyes

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