Friday, 25 April 2014

Poor Mr G

Awwwwwwww.   Mr G had his operation today.  I spoke to him last at about 9.30 this morning, where he told me that he would be going to theatre in the next hour or two.  I phoned at lunch time and he was still in theatre.  I phoned at 3 pm and he was out of theatre, back on the ward and sleeping. 

I sent him a text, usually after an op, the moment he's awake he's on his phone, sending me a text to let me know he's ok.  Even when he'd had his shoulder done, he managed it one handed.  I didn't hear back from him, so I went to visit tonight.

When I arrived the curtain was pulled down to the edge of the bed so I couldn't see.  He was vomiting into a cardboard hat.  The nurse went to fetch an anti sickness medication for his drip.  He looked a funny colour, almost jaundiced.  I had to try and get him to take sips of water and he was shaking his head.  He didn't speak at all.  Slept most of the visit.  Had to keep an oxygen mask on.  I managed to get a few slight nods from him to fill in his lunch menu.  This stuff was draining from the wound into a bag by the side of the bed.  I have never seen him so poorly in my life, I really felt for him.  I wrote a little note, folded it and pressed it into his hand, to let him know I loved him and I had come to see him as he probably wouldn't remember.  Picked up his old newspapers and dirty clothes and put them in a bag.  And just sat silently for the hour ready to pounce with the cardboard hat.  It was horrible seeing him like that, and I hope that he's better tomorrow.  I'm sure he will be.  It was the quietest I've seen him in 15 years. 

I asked the nurse if it had been done keyhole and she said yes, which is something I suppose, at least the healing time won't be so bad.  I'm not sure when they will let him home but I doubt very much that it will be tomorrow.  Then the fun will begin, nursing my husband back to health - again!  It's become a full time job in itself these last few years!  I have, however, pre-emptively hidden his bell.  Lessons were learned *nods*

Thankfully we went shopping the day it happened but give it a few days the way my brood can scoff food (think locusts...) and I will have to start begging and scrounging lifts here and there to go food shopping until he can drive again.  Which I hate doing, I really hate imposing on friends and family.  I know they don't mind and Steve would do the same for them in an instant but still.  Times like this I really wish I could drive, but the world is a safer place without me on the roads.  Trust me on that ;-)

Bed now, it's been a long, long day.

M x


  1. Hiya dol, so glad Ste's op went ok, bless him! Wah re appendix bechod, maybe he was right in regards to the pain and childbirth, poor mr G!! Hope you are ok too, must have been such a worry. If you need anything at all let us know ok, lifts etc not a problem, lots of love to you all. xxx

    1. Hello :-) thank you. I know, that's really frightening isn't it? Scared the crap out of me when I heard it. Doesn't bear thinking about. I'm ok but tired. Was hoping to have seen the last of hospitals but... Never mind. Thank you for that, I will do xxxxx


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