Sunday, 27 April 2014

Day of rest...? Pfffffffffffffft.

Mr G is still in hospital *sigh*.  He was hoping to come home but his consultant has said no.  Personally I agree, I don't think he's well enough yet to come home.  He's got one lot of IV antibiotics left to go, and he still has the drain in, and he's still in a lot of pain.  The nurses are better equipped there than I am to deal with pain management and I don't relish the thought of him being here with that bag of gunk.  Yuk.  Although I am missing him terribly, I think he's in the right place for now.

So it's back to school tomorrow, and the poor children have had a dismal Easter holiday really, but they did get a couple of days out.  We'll more than make up for it in the Summer holidays, especially knowing that Mr G will be fighting fit.

I didn't visit Mr G this afternoon as he still hadn't seen his consultant, who had been called to theatre.  He told me to stay home, and to be honest it was a help, making sure all the children were bathed and showered ready, taking stock of what I needed to pull out of the freezer, organising their packed lunches ready for tomorrow and so on.  I actually managed to make a huge batch of my curry base sauce and a tandoori marinade.  I'm going to marinate my meat overnight (yes, I know!  How organised?) and tomorrow make a Chicken Tikka Masala and a Chicken Tikka Masala Phal up to the cream stage and freeze them for the weekend.  His appetite isn't up to much yet, but I should imagine that by next Saturday night, he'll be ready for a good scoff.

He's come out with a belter today, so crude, I don't know if I dare repeat it.  Oh alright then.

Mr G:  I still haven't had a poo but you could fly a kite with the wind I had.

Me:  Awwww baby.

Mr G:  I asked the Doctor for something to help me go and he said he'll schedule an enema.  I said no, I'll have Nitromors (which for those who don't know, is a paint stripper...)

Me:  Lactulose?

Mr G:  That's the one.  Anyway, when you get here, I need you to help me put some clean shorts on and while you're there, would you baby wipe my ring for me?  I couldn't reach properly with my little arms, I was in too much pain to stretch.

Me:  You can *expletive* off.  I'm not going anywhere near your ring!  You haven't bathed since Wednesday! 

Is ANYONE else's husband like this?  'Baby wipe my ring for me'?  REALLY?  That was not in my wedding vows...?

Tell me it's not just my husband?  It is, isn't it?


M x


  1. PAHAHAA... so sorry, I shouldn't laugh, but I am, bouncing in fact..... only Mr.G!! Sorry to hear he isn't home with you yet :( sure you're missing him like crazy, but like you say best place for now. We are all wishing a speedy recovery, bless him! Remeber if you need anything give me a bell. big hugs.xxxx

    1. I'd have laughed if it was anyone else's husband but why is it ALWAYS mine? WHY?
      Thank you dol I will do xxxxx


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