Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I'm not one to go overboard when celebrities die.  They're only human, we all die, some of us too young, famous or not.  Plus - I don't know them.  So it seems a bit alien to me.  But once in a while a celebrity dies and it touches a nerve.  Last night the news of Peaches Geldof's passing really shocked and upset me.  I'm not a fan, can I point out.  I know she was Bob Geldof's daughter.  I know she had two young children.  Really young children too.  There was a lot I didn't know about her, that she'd been a writer, TV presenter and had been a model, amongst other things.   I have to say that until a few months ago, I didn't really have an opinion on her either way.  Until.  She tore that vile species Katie Hopkins a new one live on This Morning.  Completely owned her.  And what I found hysterically funny was the photograph that they posed for after.  It says it all.

The look on Hopkins' face...

And after not winning that debate, Hopkins then used her column in 'newspaper' The Sun to try and get one up on her and didn't win that one either.  No.  Peaches took to Twitter and... 2-0 Peaches.

'Apologies again for rinsing you on live TV'

I salute you Peaches.  May you rest in peace and may your family be left in peace to grieve for you.  The rumour mill is already in overdrive.  However she died, 25 is too young :-(

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