Sunday, 19 July 2015

Spoke Too Soon? Check.

So, Mr G is home.  Which is great, I'm thrilled, the kids are thrilled, he is thrilled.  What is not so great, is that the new pain meds don't seem to be working as well as they did when he was in hospital.  I know they will take time to get into his system, and so I am going to think positive.  But ever think that it's not quite over yet?

Speaking of pain, I'm having trouble moving at the moment.  Ok, I have done for a while and it's getting worse.  I'm being told off by my mother, my sister in law and Mr G.  I need to see my GP but I'm stalling.  The last time I went was back in March 2014.  So it's not like I'm there every other day like some people.  I am, on the whole, very healthy.  I am so squeamish with anything medical, even having my blood pressure taken makes me light headed.  A mere blood test requires weeks of notice and topical anaesthetic cream.  So it's not like I'm a time waster, yet, every time I go, that's how I feel.  I must add that it's not how I'm made to feel, it's probably just paranoia on my part.  I wonder if I have a low pain threshold, maybe. Then I remember I gave birth on gas and air three times, without screaming for other drugs so it's unlikely.  

I think the crux of the problem is that - we can't both be incapacitated, Mr G and I.  We can't both afford to be sat down all day in pain, or things would grind to a halt in this household.  I'm picking up the slack, or at least trying to, and it's starting to take its toll on my own health.  And it worries me, that if Mr G's pain isn't brought under control, without wanting to sound sexist, this woman's work will never be done.  Because she'll have the man's to do straight after she's finished.  And yes, I know. That's something single parents the world over of both sexes face daily.  But I'm not a single parent, am I? 

And that my friends, is enough whining about sickness and pain. I'm done.  For this week, anyway.  On to more important things.  Things like lists (lol).  Cheesecake development.  Getting our garden 'barbecue ready'.  Socialising, camping and days out.  

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