Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Not 'quite' right pictures: Revisited

Right - I suppose I should apologise for this post - it's a repost, is that what it's called?  But I'm not going to apologise for the simple reason, that my most popular posts are knocking on 300 views, and even some of the dire ones are at 50 views.  The four posts I'm going to consolidate into this one - only have 25 views.  Between them!  They were posted at a time that I wasn't blogging seriously, and I think I only had one follower at the time.  And that was me.  If you have actually looked through the posts though - I'm going to kick off the post with two new photos for you.

This weekend - in Llangollen... 'Here, Shell.  Do you want me to buy this T shirt for you?'

How about... no?

I wonder what this person had done to deserve what appeared to be a doughnut shoved under the back wiper of their car?

50 shades of... toast, maybe?  I dunno!

You can get an ointment for that...

Mr G liked nothing better than wandering through Her Ladyship's Gardens

Which I won't be buying!

I've encountered a few in my time, yes...

...of the Crocodile enclosure. 

I brought my own toilet paper too.  Pah.

Yes.  Yes he is.

No, you may not throw that pot while I pee!

He's his Dad's son, alright.

Hot pasties made in Cornwall!  We were in Devon though...

I bet this number plate is worth a fortune!

Big Baps in Paignton, Devon

Also known as - my family

Ahhhhhhhh Sodit...

And the secret to your smooth taste... actually, I don't want to know.



Pleased to see me?

The above photo - a) I didn't notice it while taking the picture; b) I still didn't notice it when I looked through them on the computer; c) I still hadn't noticed it while I selected it as one of the photos to upload to be printed; d) I didn't notice it while browsing through the printed photographs and oh yes - e) I definitely still hadn't realised when I packed it off to school with my then 5 year old when it was his turn to show something to his class.  He showed them something, that's for sure!  *Cringe*

I doubt it will be too long before the next opportunity presents itself for me to snap a picture of, such is my random life ;-)


  1. That last picture cracked me up!!! I love all the pics though! Hello Titty...hahaha

    1. I know! My husband came in the house chuckling, and handed me the snaps and said it had been passed around the yard. My son will be the first one to get expelled from school for showing monkey porn. Bahahaa such is my life.

      And Hello Titty - how awful. The thing is, my boobs are no longer higher than my IQ. Without a bra, they graze my knees (thanks kids!). They're something devastatingly back achingly stupid like a FF cup. And he wants me to wear a T Shirt saying that? Pfffffffffffffffffffffft! ;-)

  2. I laughed the whole way through this--thank you!!! The arousal cafe! Monkey boners! That's good stuff :)

    1. Thank you my lovely! You gotta love a horny monkey, eh? ;-)

  3. Doughnut on a car? Great pictures. Bopping over from Lifeinabreakdown.


    1. Hi Bri :-) I know, I can't believe some of the things I come across >.<

      GREAT artwork! x

  4. LOL I love your photos! No idea about the donut under the windshield though!

    1. Thank you Ellen, that's about 6 years of randomness I believe, it doesn't seem so bad spread through time, but when it's consolidated - there's some insanity out there! And disrespect, judging by the car :-/

  5. This seriously had me laughing! I can't wait to read more from your blog....
    newest follower from the blog hop.

    Hope you'll stop by and say hi sometime.

    1. Hi Karen, nice to meet you, and thank you for following :-) Glad you liked the pictures, they make me laugh too. Especially the monkeys and my inadvertent corrupting of 5 year old schoolchildren. That's one thing off my bucket list ;-)

      Over at your place right now :-)


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