Saturday, 16 March 2013

My unblogged week in a nutshell

What's occurring?  Everyone seems to be on a real downer lately!  That's worldwide, online, real life, you name it, life is sucking at the moment for a lot of people.   For me, personally, I'm comparing my life to putting a ponytail in layered hair.  Trying to gather all the strands and tendrils up and keeping them tightly in one place.  Once the band is in place, you see a piece that was too short to fit in.  And that is your ponytail's undoing, gradually, as the day goes by.   I'm trying to get everything working as it should, in tandem, in harmony, and it only takes that one stubborn too-short piece of hair to throw everything off kilter.   Trying to juggle motherhood, wifehood, housework AND try and salvage some sort of life for myself into the equation?  Which for me comes under the remit of blogging, cooking and comping... not the world's most exciting combination of pastimes, hardly bungee jumping or rock climbing but it does me.  When I get the time.   I like to blog hop and every week I vow to make the time to do it, but it passes me by...

I forgot to post this last week, Adam and I spent the afternoon in the kitchen on Mother's Day, we made the Pizza pies again, but also Bacon and Cheese Turnovers, which went down really well!   Adam was a little star and they tasted absolutely amazing. 


I thought it funny this week that a lot of people were adding me on Bloglovin' - something I'd set up months ago but never used.  Seemingly Google Reader is closing down - something which isn't going to impact all that much on me as I never used it due to lack of time.  There are blogs I visit regularly because they make me laugh until I pee, some I visit when I get an email from them, some that I love and shamefully forget due to lack of time (see above).   Rumour has it GFC will also be done away with - I really hope not.  I don't 'get' Google+.  Anyhoo, I checked out Bloglovin' and I find it a lot easier on the eye than Google Reader, and I have been able to check up on some great blogs.  I've missed out on hundreds of posts and will get round to looking at most of them soon.  So - shameless plug - if you'd like to add me on Bloglovin' - hit it :-)

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Hopefully later I'll have some recipe posts for you, but in the meantime a recap of my week.  The plumber finally fixed the leak 2 days later.  I didn't have a dry teatowel left in the house.  It took him about 10 seconds.  So I had to wait 2 days, because...?  Answers on a postcard.

Mr G hasn't been feeling very well, he's been having bad headaches and finally went to visit the Doctor.  I had thought they'd sounded like migraines, but from my previous experience of them, there was a brief respite from migraine.  This was permanent.  The Doctor had the nurse take blood, made an appointment to see someone at the hospital (Ladies!  Are your men like this?  See WHO at the hospital?  Brain surgeon?  Cleaner?  Midwife?  Who?  Whaddaya mean you 'didn't ask'!  Didn't LISTEN more like... pffffffffft) and sent him back with migraine tablets and Valium.  They gave Mr G... Valium.  Regular readers, are you getting the enormity of this?  Mr G.  Valium.  Oh, the smile that spread over my face...  However my husband didn't understand Valium.

Mr G:   Can I take one now?

Me:  If you want to sleep at 11.30 am, and not be able to drive again today, sure.

Mr G:  Will they make me sleepy?

Me:  Are you kidding me?

Mr G:  I thought Valium made people hyper?

Me:  So the logic in giving Valium to people before minor surgery and going on aeroplanes would therefore be... what?

The Valium isn't working on Mr G.  Of course it isn't, that would be too good to be true, wouldn't it?  So he's up and down all night.  He woke me up last night - get this - getting UP to go downstairs so... he wouldn't disturb me.

Me:  *Through gritted teeth*  If you'd stayed where you bloody were you wouldn't have disturbed me.

Still, I got to lie like Patrick Star for a couple of hours.  I hope he had to use a shoehorn to get back into bed.

The Mishaps of Mr G weren't stopped in their tracks by bad headaches.  Oh no.  He had his very own DYAC moment, when sending his new mobile phone number by text.

Mr G:  Oh no...

Me:  What?

Mr G:  This...

Me:  Who did you send that to?

Mr G:  Everyone...

After three... one, two, hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.  Although, that makes me... Mrs Grumpy...

Beware what you put on Twitter.  You know, those heat of the moment mini confessions between large magazine companies and you - where you think your tweet will get swallowed up in the thousands of responses, and they won't reply.  But then, they retweet it to 69,652 followers?  AND then they put your confession up on a web page?  Thanks Marie Claire - that was between US.  I thought I could trust you.  Seemingly not.

Don't think bad of me.  At least it's not Pete Doherty.  That IS bad.

What can I say?   I have a penchant for overweight, drunk men who spend their time talking to stuffed monkeys?  Would that cut it?

I'll see you later hopefully, with some new additions to the 'Chinese Fakeaway' series of posts!


  1. Stop for dropping by North of Wiarton. You make me laugh and this is a good thing. Tell your hubby he is not alone with the wrath of nasty headaches. That pizza does look delish.

    1. It's ALWAYS a pleasure dropping by North of Wiarton. I want to move there. Seriously :-) And I'm glad I can put a smile on your face too :-D

      Oh dear, are you a sufferer too? He's just had shoulder surgery (well, in November) but it was quite intrusive and will take some time to heal. My Mum had similar surgery and she has headaches too on one side of her head and apparently it can be attributed to the shoulder problem. Just seems to be one thing after another with him, poor man.


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