Friday, 1 March 2013

Happy St. David's Day and Happy Birthday Mum!

What a week.  I've been permanently frazzled.  Permanently.  It doesn't end here though, I won't be blogging again now until Monday so I thought I'd better show my face, and check in with random facts/minor annoyances/embarrassments of the week.

Today it's St. David's Day, our national day, and an opportunity - if desired - to dress our children up to look like, erm... just go to Google, hit images, and type in Welsh lady costume.  Yeah.  Like that.  *Shudders*.

It's also my Mum's 60th birthday today!  The cake has been collected, I'm brandishing banners, balloons, helium balloons, presents and cards.  The festivities kick off today with a meal out for the family, my lot, Mum and Dad, and my brother.

So - this week:

I blistered my fingers.  Sharpening a tub (massive empty Celebrations tub) full of colouring pencils.  How hardcore am I?  How rock n roll is this woman's life?

Daniel has had a haircut.  Up to him starting 6th form I would always insist on him cutting it and looking tidy.  Now he's 17, nearly 18 I have to let him find his feet.  And this entails him having a hairstyle that makes him look like Sideshow Bob.  Mum told him firmly that he wasn't ruining her photos with a head like that, so last night he had it thinned out a bit.  Now he has a curly mullet.  Much better.

Rastamouse.  For those not familiar with it, this is a CBeebies programme, Rastamouse and his gang of little mice have a reggae group 'Da Easy Crew' and also solve mysteries.  The mice speak with a patois.  And so...

Cait:  Mum?  What does 'irie' mean?

Me:  Well, it sort of means 'alright' or 'ok'.  It's a positive term.

Ryan:  *Looking at me in awe*  Mum!  Can you speak 'mouse'?

Me:  Erm...

and then...

Talking about old age with Mr G. 

Mr G:  Shell, if I ever get to the stage that I'm crapping myself and peeing myself.  Euthanasia.

Me:  Ok.

Mr G.  Although... *Looks at me*  Best not, or we'd have killed you off two years ago, wouldn't we?


and then...

Walking through town to take the kids for their eye tests at the Opticians and Adam decides that he's going to sing at the top of his voice.  Fine if it was 'Twinkle twinkle little star' or even 'Gangnam Style'.  No.  This is Adam we're talking about.  Adam was singing:

'Mum smells badder than fishcakes'.

On that note...


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