Saturday, 9 March 2013

Anyone for a bit of Deano?

Uh oh.  Mum found out how to upload videos to Youtube and share them on her blog... mwahahahaha!   After hours of frustration with Windows Movie Maker that kept crashing when I wanted to trim merely a few seconds off the clip (a known bug on XP apparently - yes, I still use XP, yes, I know - I know...) and Nero doing the self same thing, I wasn't to be defeated.  I got there in the end.   This is one of my favourite little snippets from over the years.  My youngest son Adam (aka Laary, aka Tuna, aka Asda - all stories for another time) absolutely loves Dean Martin's 'Volare' and has done from being a tiny baby.  I think he thought it was about him - 'Oh Laary' :-)  He wanted to sing it on karaoke but wouldn't do it alone, so his big sister said she would help out.  I think it's cute but then I'm biased.  

Today was meant to be the evening of my Smooth Starlight Supper to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Unfortunately, for the bulk of my guests this date, coupled with my appalling timing in letting people know about it, meant that I would have only had between 4 - 6 guests.  I know the point wasn't that I raised millions for them, but still, I wanted to raise a decent amount for them too.  So, Mr G and I spoke about it and decided to postpone it.  As he pointed out, they accept donations any time of the year, and perhaps when the weather gets warmer, and the evenings get lighter, we could hold something that was indoor and outdoor, so we could raise the capacity of people invited and hopefully raise them a nice tidy sum of money.  That sounded like a better idea in the long run than my going to a huge effort and raising very little.  

It's Mothering Sunday here in the UK tomorrow, and I should be in the kitchen baking...  Mr G has - true to form - bought my Mum the most sickliest sweet card you have ever seen, and will soon be scouring the internet for a poem to finish it off.  I want to make Mum some cupcakes to go with her potted plant and I quite fancied making a Snickers Cheesecake too.  Looking at the time, I'd better get a move on!  Will post results later...


  1. That is by far the cutest thing I have seen today! It outcutes my deformed crochet rabbit :D

    1. Nothing, but nothing outcutes the deformed crochet rabbit! x


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