Monday, 18 April 2016

Man flu strikes again

Red cross repainted upon the front door, I have a poorly big boy and a poorly little boy - Man flu and (male) child flu.  I'm also under the weather but hey, I am woman and that's the common cold for you, so prevalent at this time of year.  Sigh.  I know, I know, terribly sexist of me... *eye roll*  

We went to Wrexham yesterday, and unfortunately it was another Cru defeat, but not a bad one.  Ok, I know a defeat is a defeat whether it's one point difference or you get nilled, but the scoreline was 24-31 - very respectable, and the team are still gelling together, there's a few new faces, and it does take time.  We only took the girls with us yesterday, the boys wanted to stay at home.  Had our tray of fries and sos coch, and the girls had hot chocolate to warm them up.

Cheeky group selfie

Oh, and it goes without saying that I completely managed to humiliate not just myself, but the girls too.  I'm not going to name the player.  The girls had spotted him, he is a very good looking young lad.  Who is that number x - they ask me.  That's certain player - I tell them.  They decide he is a hottie.  He then proceeds to score a cracking try.  So I turn to them, very loudly it has to be said and I say 'Certain player's not just a hottie, but he can score tries as well!'.  To which they both disintegrate into giggles, complete with tears of mirth, and Beth managed to (eventually) choke out that the player's father and was sat directly behind us.  Christ on a bloody bike.  You can't take me anywhere.  And if you do take me back for a second time, it's to apologise for the first time.

Just after the final try and before TJ's 80 min conversion, final score 24 - 31

Next home game is against Oxford two days before my birthday on May 8th, which is perfect timing really :-)  I think Mr G and I are going to have a meal at the ground before the game, which will be nice.

Tomorrow - the kitchen is being painted.  It won't take long, there's actually very little wall in there that isn't tiled or doesn't have cabinets on.  Hopefully it will all be done and everything back in its place by bedtime tomorrow.   That's how things are done in this house, decide something is being done, and do it the next day.  It works, for us anyway.  One more thing off my 3 page long, 2 column A4 word document list of 'Things to do around the house and garden in April'... I think Mr G thought I was joking, but he has seen it in it's entirety.  He sighed and walked off with a duster and glass cleaner.  My bad ;-)

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