Monday, 11 April 2016

29 days and counting...

... until I hit the big 4-0.  Mr G sat me down and talked to me about what he was going to be able to put on for me in the house, seeing as I am a miserable sod who doesn't want a big function room party.   The weekend after my birthday is Eurovision night, a night where traditionally my friends gravitate towards my house, clutching alcohol, score cards and we eat, drink and laugh the night away.  Sometimes I do a meal, or a buffet, and other times we grab a takeaway.  Mr G has warned me that he is in charge of the food for my birthday 'do'.  So we discussed the options.  A buffet isn't the cheapest of things to do, you always overestimate what you need, because nobody ever wants to be the first person in the history of mankind who does a buffet that hasn't got enough food.  I know how hard it is catering for a lot of people when you're used to it, and he isn't.  And you end up chucking loads the next day.  A barbecue - the garden isn't barbecue ready and even if we have glorious weather between then and now (not happening, is it?) I'm not physically well enough to get it ready solo in time for my birthday.  It means we'll end up missing Eurovision in and out of the house.  And that's if the weather is ok.  Every suggestion he made it seemed I countered it with negatives - I don't know why, but I don't like people making a fuss of me.  I love making a fuss of other people, I'll pull out all the stops for them, but for myself?  Doesn't feel comfortable.  He was starting to get a bit exasperated with me by the end of it, so I decided to shut up.

And then he hit the jackpot.  Our local meat wholesaler had massive whole pork loins on sale this week, they're a bargain anyway at their usual £13 but this week they are £10 each.  We've already bought one, cut it up into two large joints, 6 really thick loin chops and enough strips for a stir fry on fast day.  He suggested pulled pork, and as it's a loin joint, and not traditionally what you'd use for pulled pork, he'd cook it in the slow cooker.  One pulled plain, and one done in a spiced rub with a barbecue sauce.  Stuffing, apple sauce, salad, homemade coleslaw and potato salad and fresh bread rolls.  That sounded like a winning plan to me, we'll pop and get another whole loin next week and have a trial run next weekend with one of our pieces, I'll see if I can find a nice sauce recipe and give it a crack.  He can serve all that on paper plates, no dishes, no pans to wash except my two slow cooker pots. 

The children went back to school this morning after two weeks off.  A very uneventful Easter holiday for them, with Mr G being unable to do much, but they have been off and about with their friends.

After a bit of a miserable sporting day here yesterday, where Wigan got nilled, Crusaders lost and Manchester United got stuffed by Spurs, we're hoping our luck changes next Sunday when we're off to Wrexham for Crusaders v London Skolars.   Really looking forward to that, I had such high hopes for this year after a promising season last year, but the team seem to have been hit hard by the recent issues off field, which is unsurprising really.  Hopefully now, with some new signings and some big names remaining faithful to the team, they can put everything behind them and start getting some decent results.  I'll be there cheering them on, screaming obscenities at the ref (*blushes*) with my fries drenched in tomato ketchup, win lose or draw anyway.   You have to support your team through good times and bad, not just when they're winning. 

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