Friday, 15 April 2016

C'est fini! (Again!)

I don't know about you, but sometimes, just sometimes, I get motivated and inspired and there's no stopping me.  It started on Wednesday afternoon when I emptied the (decimated) Summer house out into the garden for Mr G to seal the edges so it was ready for the flooring to go down.  This is the flooring that would be down for Christmas/New Year/my birthday.  We were dependant on two of our friends doing it for us, and it was a case of when they could co-ordinate schedules.  I won't lie, Shell was getting twitchy.  So we decided to just try and see how well it went down in there.  Just lay a few strips ourself, see how easy it was, seeing as he'd been saying for ages it would go down no problem, and if that was the case, then I should be able to do the donkey work myself, right?  I'm not (completely) incapable, right?  We did about a fifth of the floor.  Well.  That is all I am saying on that.  My next words were; 'FFS, just go and buy some bloody vinyl flooring, this could all be over and done with by this time tomorrow!'.

FFS, just buy some bloody vinyl flooring!

And - as usual, I was right.  Not wanting to blow my own trumpet or anything, but the old saying 'If at first you don't succeed, try doing it the way your wife told you to in the first place' instantly springs to mind.  And 24 hours later, Mr G and I were sat in a very cosy, very insulated, very tidy and very complete Shedpub.  Hallelujah.  The only thing I need to do to it is put the scatter cushions back on the sofa, they've been washed and freshened up. 

Bar stained and varnished, pumps in position

Plenty of seating

Mr G's 'Grumpy Corner' complete with trophies saying how ace he is

I won't lie, I couldn't walk last night and I was in bed for 9.  We were so glad that we finished it though, it made the aches and pains worthwhile.  Today, the weather has turned a little cooler and duller, despite a promising start, it looks like it might rain.  I have trailing lobelia, begonias, stocks and antirrhinum that I want to plant, make a hanging basket and couple of pots up.  Might as well keep the momentum going. 

And finally, Mr G, because I know you read my blog.  I love you more than anything and anyone in the whole wide world.  You are everything to me, and I'd die for you.  But if you even so much as suggest doing anything to this Summer House ever again, other than basic cleaning and maintenance?  I won't die for you, I will personally kill you.  Just so we're clear on that. 

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