Saturday, 24 January 2015

What a difference a week makes!

This time last week, we were sat by a roaring log fire, glass of red and pint of Guinness in hand.  This week, post-op Mr G is lying on the sofa, Lucozade in hand, covered in fleecy blankets and I am watching him like a hawk.  

Thursday came, and although he was third on the list, he didn't go to theatre until 1.30.  I phoned at 4, and the nurse told me that he was out of surgery, still in recovery and ok, albeit very confused.  So at 6.30 my brother's girlfriend and I went visiting.

As we reached his bed, this is the sight that met us.  'What the bloody hell...' I muttered.

His eyes were shut and flickered open.  I told him to stay asleep if he wanted.  He shook his head and was trying to talk.  A nurse came and took his obs and took away the mask, and brought him coffee and biscuits.  While I laughed at the state of him.  Animal print trolley bumpers.  Surgical gown.  Some plastic sheet thing.  Inflating stockings.  And the obligatory net knickers.  His nether regions looked like a shoulder of pork... 

Turns out that he was full of adhesions, joining his liver to his abdomen (ouch/yuk) so no wonder he's been in so much pain!

The nurse said he had been a 'naughty boy' in theatre, hence the cot bumpers. So he was pushed from theatre, through corridors, to his ward, with those on.  

By yesterday, although his consultant had given him the go ahead to come home, the nurses vetoed that decision as they wanted him to be more mobile.  So he decided to take their advice and stay in for one more night.  His appetite had returned anyway, so I took him chicken fajitas in!  He looked a lot better.  The nurses gave him his medication in his locker, bag was packed and they said once he had the once over from the Doctor he could come home.  

9 o'clock in the morning, the on call Doc was on the ward and he got the ok to come home!  Our friends Helen and Gavin went to pick him up and he was in the house by 10.  I was so pleased to see him, I can't put it into words.  

He's very sore, I've been pumping him with pain relief every four hours, and he's sleeping on and off but in himself, he's fantastic.  Just have to make sure he doesn't start doing anything stupid this time, no garden furniture, fencing or wooden outbuildings!  He's on strict bed rest until August.  

In other news, proud-mummy trumpet-blowing news... My eldest son has been conditionally accepted to Aberystwyth Uni and Liverpool John Moores!  He's still hoping to be accepted on the Computer Science course in Bangor University, that's his preferred choice, and I admit, that would be easier all round, including for my sanity!  But Aber isn't too far away, and Liverpool has great transport links home and to Manchester, so it's not the end of the world if Bangor falls through.  Still, fingers crossed!

M x

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