Saturday, 31 January 2015

Health/Beauty Review - Gwyneth Paltrow's Steam Clean of the... Lady Garden

I've been a long time admirer of Gwynnie's, I'd even go so far as to say she is something of a guru to me.  I spend hours daily on her 'Gloop' website, I would never have known how delicious Kale could be without her (handy hint, the best way?  Covered in batter and deep fried then dunked in mayo!  Mmmmm!) and although sceptical at first, the 'summer berries and walnut cleanse' did actually both make me feel like a new woman and make my farts smell more fragrant.  The next time though I may shell the walnuts first.

So, imagine my sheer delight yesterday when I saw that Gwynnie's latest advice for her sisters, was to steam clean our fadges.  Woop!  Scorn was being heaped on her by experts and gynaecologists alike. Pffffft, like what do they know, right?  I know who I'd sooner trust!   

Being on a budget, unlike multi-millionairess Gwyneth, I decided against hopping a plane to the US, and instead went to my go-to beauty therapist.  The one who colours my hair and cuts my toenails and  does the odd bit of topiary on my bush.  The one who gets paid in food.   Mr G.

Mr G advises extensive facial coverings for this treatment, but at the very minimum safety glasses.  A mask.  And those nose pegs you use for swimming.  Apparently some of the splashbacks and dislodged debris caused a fair bit of irritation to his eyes.  

*Disclaimer - don't try this at home ;-)  


That woman... Whatever next?  

M x

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