Saturday, 31 January 2015

January Round-up

I'd love a January do-over, anyone else?  How quickly did that month come and go?  Well, it's been a mixed bag of tricks this month, highs and lows.  So, to ease you in to my recap of January 2015, we'll start with something new that was both a high and low.  Mr G took a shower.

Not content with my washing him in a cat litter tray, he decided he wanted a shower.  But he wasn't meant to get his dressings wet.  So, he posted this on Facebook.  

You know, Facebook.  Everyone's an expert...  I rolled my eyes and went back to my book.  And then I look up to see this travesty in front of me...

'Help us, babe' said Mr G.  So, muttering to myself, I wrapped cling film around my husband three times.  But not before I took a photograph of him struggling to do it himself.   

'You want a hand in the shower?' I ask, hoping he'd say he could cope, but knowing he wouldn't.

'Please' he replied.  'I can't bend down to scrunchie my bits.'

Oh.  Joy. 

So, we're stood in the bathroom, him in the bath, water hitting the cling film and spraying everywhere.   Me scrubbing bits of my husband that no wife should ever have to touch without latex gloves. That wasn't in my wedding vows, I tell you.  And I have visions of some bizarre ER type scenario, where my husband is wheeled into resus with foamy testicles and wrapped in wet cling film like a joint of defrosting pork.  So I warn him not to bloody slip in the bath.  I wouldn't be calling the paramedics to face that scene.   

Mr G had his operation and although too early to tell, it seems to be a success.  He can't feel the 'inside' pain he'd been experiencing, only the pain of being cut open in four places.  He managed to pick up an infection too, so is on antibiotics.  Apparently there was extensive scar tissue from his abdomen to his liver.  Ouch! 

Before he went in to hospital, we went off for a romantic night away to Llanarmon to a cosy, romantic little Inn called The Hand Hotel.  I got magnificently drunk on red wine that was 15% ABV.  Fifteen. Per. Cent.  Absolutely mullered.

I've done a bit of cooking... recipes are all in the posts under 'January'.  Thanks to this, I've reached my target of a minimum of two blog posts a week.  

I've read a bit too, my Goodreads challenge needs updating but I can't do it on the ipad.  And hands down, the best book(s) I have read this month are by a lady called Chrissy Anderson, the List Trilogy.  The last time a book (books) got me this bad was L D Davies's Accidentally on Purpose Trilogy.  The List Trilogy is up there as a keeper, a re-reader, and also holds the honour of one of very few books that made me cry.  It doesn't matter whether you see Chrissy as a hero, or a villain, whether you'd have made her choices, or not, there will be something that you can identify with in her story.  For me, there was lots to identify with, but particularly poignant was the loss of her best friend to cancer, when I was reading it merely days before the fourth anniversary of the loss of my beautiful best friend Em to cancer.  Absolutely recommended as a must read.  

My eldest son has been conditionally accepted to University in Aberystwyth and Liverpool.  And that got me thinking.  I'm toying with the idea of going to college in September on an Access course.  The problem being... Access to what?  Because in two years time, my baby will start secondary school.  I'll be 41.  And I still don't know what I want to do with my life?  I can tell you what I don't want to study, but that leaves very little left.  I saw a Degree that was English and Creative Writing and Mr G thinks that would be great but I'm not sure...  I love writing but whether I'm any good at it is another matter.  I love to cook and bake but the thought of turning it into work doesn't appeal.  But that's looking too far ahead at the moment, I have to live for today.  And decide what to apply for in the first instance!  Ideas or suggestions in the comment form please!  

February tomorrow!  The 2nd sees a very auspicious day indeed in our household!  Groundhog Day... and our 13th Wedding Anniversary!  The 5th sees Mr G turning 53, and apparently the start of the 2015 Rugby League season, yay.  And good old Valentines Day on the 14th.  So I am currently recipe gathering and stalking ;-) 

And making lists, my lovely Mr G ;-) 

M x


  1. A little late to this party but here none the less. You should definitely do an English/Writing course!! You are a really good writer (i love reading these posts) maybe a course to hone those skills will show you what talent you have. I want to be standing in a queue at one of your Waterstones book signings one day missy moo!! Go for it

    1. Thank you sweetie, and better late than never, I say! I'm terrified of English, my A Level studies in Manchester was amazing, one year course, when I left on track for a B; in Bangor, the teacher was throwing all concepts of grammar and writing that I'd never heard of and I know I will never, ever grasp as long as I live. I just want to write, so maybe degree level English is not the best idea lol. Who knows what 2016 will bring, because it didn't happen in 2015 anyway ;-) x


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