Sunday, 8 June 2014


I can't believe it has been a week since I went to watch One Direction.  It's actually worrying how quickly time is passing by, this year seems to be flying by faster than ever, anyone else think that?

The garden is coming together slowly.  After having so much that we needed to do, and working through it bit by bit, we've hit a bit of a plateau now.  Our friend came and cleared all the weeds where the trampoline was and arranged for someone to come and take it all away for us.  He's a star and I'm going to make him a fantastic cake to say thank you.  It's five layers tall ;-)   So now, we're good to go for the next stage of the garden overhaul.  We have two projects at the 'plotting' stage.  One - expensive, the other - at it's most basic level is free, and really pleasing to my 'green' side as it's a recycling project.  The expensive one, is proving no problem in coming together, the only thing hindering us at present is the time frame.  The recycled one... is a pain in the ass.  That is going to take weeks purely for the materials we need, coming to us in dribs and drabs.  So, short of a miracle, we're in limbo at the moment.   It can technically be 'made' but that would defeat the object of the project?  Although I do have to say Mr G has been like a chubby, Northern, moustache-less Poirot this evening searching online, and he may have come up with a lead to follow up on tomorrow!   Eeep!  Aside from that, we've got a bit of work getting old roots up from the now clear massive patch at the bottom of the garden, and then levelling it out.  Then we wait... *drums fingers impatiently on table*

Mr G and I are coming up to our 15th anniversary of getting together.  Fifteen years.  I can't believe it's been that long since I stole his heart and his Mint Imperials.  They do say time flies when you're having fun.  And it has been fun, I must admit.  Yes, we've had our ups and downs, sadness, hard times, health issues but so far - touch wood - nothing has impacted on our relationship.  That shows how strong we are as a couple.  We've supported each other through everything we've had to face, and when one of us needs to be stronger than the other then that's how it goes down.  

Technically, we shouldn't be together.  We shouldn't have met that weekend.  As we've gone over and over the story this last fifteen years, it still amazes us.  There were so many things about our story, that one minor decision made differently, one wrong turn, and we wouldn't be here now, together.  It's a long story... and he tells it so much better than I do.  But we really, truly believe that because of all these little things, all these obstacles that should have kept us apart that weekend, we were destined to be together.  I couldn't ask for anything more from him, as a husband, as a best friend, as a father to our children.  He's the butt of so many jokes and the bane of my life at times on my blog, but it is all tongue in cheek.  Life would be so dull without him, and although he does drive me mad most days, I wouldn't want him any other way.   He's my biggest fan, my biggest supporter, and that's no mean feat because I am bloody hard work most of the time.  I love him more than I can put into words and I genuinely love him more every day.   Awwwwwwww :-)  *passes the sick buckets out* ;-)

So hopefully on the weekend following our 'anniversary' we'll have a get together of sorts with family and close friends to celebrate, seeing as I had to forego my birthday party this year.  Maybe a meal, maybe a barbecue, I'm not going to make any concrete plans because something usually crops up to ruin them when I do! 

We're both on a health kick again, trying to lose at least a stone each before we head to our friend Steph's wedding in Wrexham in July.  I've seen a dress I like.  You cannot comprehend the magnitude of this statement.  Me.  In a dress.  I didn't even wear a dress to get married.  But I'm making an effort lately to try new things... we're only here once.  I went on a rollercoaster last year.  See?  I'm trying.  So, yeah.  Me in a dress.  I'm a bit torn as to which one I like the most, it's the same dress, but there's three patterns I like.  I'm going to team it with a bolero jacket to hide the bingo wings.  And the other minor issue is a halterneck bra that will support major boobage.  And I means major.   I won't ask Mr G for his input because his suggestions are likely to involve 'No more Nails' or 'Sticks like Sh*t'.  Not helpful. 

So it's going to be one of these three dresses.  At first it was the purple flower, then I changed my mind to the red flower, and now I'm veering towards the black dress.   

Me.  In a dress.  Lol.  Wish me luck.  You won't see a photo... Delete!  Delete!  Delete!

M x

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