Monday, 2 June 2014

Carnivals, Boybands and another Manic Monday

Well, my feet have barely touched the ground this weekend, or today for that matter.  Throw very little sleep into the equation and you'll understand why I am walking around like a zombie.  A ruddy-cheeked zombie though, because I seem to have burnt my cheeks.  I look like I'm permanently blushing.  And those of you who know me personally will know that very little will embarrass me to the point of blushing.  Apart from, maybe, my husband twerking in Stermat.  That will do it every time. 

Saturday heralded the return of Menai Bridge Carnival after an absence of twelve years.  The day started off quite overcast, and we were quite disappointed, but hoped that the rain would hold off.  Cait went off to get her hair done and get dressed, and had to leave the house at 11 am to get down to the car park in the village, as they were leading the procession of Queens and Princesses after the band.  Mr G, myself and the kids left the house and went to the side of our street to watch the parade and walk up to the local Secondary School where the event was taking place.  Almost on cue, the sun came out, and blazed away all afternoon.  

Proud father!

Menai Bridge Stars in action

On the Sizzler

It was an amazing afternoon, all the little children looked beautiful dressed up in their finery.  Plenty of stalls with food, and homemade crafts.  Round the back of the school there was a fun fair set up, including a mechanical bull - Ryan had to have another crack at it, and did very well with a time of 93 seconds!  Caitlin and the troup performed their routine again in the circle.  After we'd spent up, we came home, had some tea and then went down to the Carnival Disco for a few hours to finish the day off.  We couldn't stay longer as I had a busy Sunday ahead...

My beautiful daughter ready for the disco

...going to see One Direction live at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.  I'd had mixed emotions about this in the year since I ordered the tickets.  At first Mr G (aka 'Boyband whore') was going to go with her.  Then my attitude towards them softened.  A bit.  And I decided I wanted to go myself.  But as the date drew closer, I started feeling a bit panicky about being in charge of a child, with no Mr G for back up.  But I had committed myself and I don't think Mr G would have been up to the day health wise.

We left Bangor at 1.30 pm.  Despite my initial protests that there was no need surely to leave that early, I see now why we had to.  Traffic into Manchester was the usual nightmare.  Getting into the Stadium car park was a nightmare.   Queueing for everything - yes you've guessed it.  Nightmare.  Toilets.  T Shirts.  Food and drink.  Finding where we were meant to go in.  Nightmare.  I have never seen so many people in my life, it was madness.  The weather was boiling again, the sun beating down on us. 

We finally got to our seats, not long before the support act came on, a group called 5 Seconds of Summer.  We had really good seats, 12 rows from the front and about half way along the stadium.  Perfect view of everything.  They were absolutely brilliant, a lot of support acts can be hit and miss, but they really got the crowd going, and the teenage girls were all singing along with their songs. 

Five Seconds of Summer

Then the main event.  One Direction.  Who were, it has to be said, absolutely amazing.  Whether you're a fan or not, it was an experience.  I am deaf from the screams (and I mean SCREAMS) and I am hoarse from singing along to my favourites (which can, embarrassingly, be picked up on the little clips of video we took...).  They wouldn't have needed to sing a note all night, as they were backed up by a chorus of thousands.  The photos are a bit hit and miss but I got a few good ones...

This was my type of concert for several reasons.  No faff - just fireworks here and there, graphics on screens, no cheesy dance routines, just them performing for the duration, up and down the stage into the crowd.  No 'interval' and no 'encore'.  This gets my goat up, the night is long enough as it is, all over and done with in one fell swoop.  We found our coach (after mild hysteria that they'd left us behind... but apparently no, the coach was in the same place as it had parked up).  The journey home was quick once we'd left the City Centre, which was a trip down memory lane for me as the driver took me past places I'd once lived, streets where I had friends, many moons ago now.  We arrived back in Bangor just after 1 am.  Ready for bed.  But with not enough hours to sleep for today...

... where Mr G had a follow up appointment with his Consultant in Wrexham Maelor about his ankle.  We were up at 7, to leave the house at 8.  Making good time, until we turned off on the A55, and a road sign said there was an accident at our turn off for the hospital.  A quarter of an hour before the appointment time it was apparent that we weren't going to make it in time, and I phoned the Orthopaedic Department to let them know, and apparently a lot of their patients that day were stuck in the same queue.  When we finally arrived at 10.30, a nurse came out and told us that the clinics were running an hour late.  We finally got in to see the Consultant about 11.45.  And the words 'another operation' were mentioned, yes.  At which point my face looked a lot like Jenna Marbles' 'The Face'...

Not... another operation?

So he's been referred for a course of physio.  Again.  One of the tendons that had been repaired isn't working as it should be, restricting his movement and causing pain.  And if the physio doesn't work (I'm starting taking bets, if anyone wants in?) it's another operation. Either way it looks like his football career is over.  He told me to write that.  Trust me, it was over a long, long time ago...

Hospital selfie - check

By the time we left the hospital we were both half starved after no breakfast and a very rushed cup of coffee.  So, being so close to Wrexham centre, we decided to go and get a bite to eat.  We passed the Racecourse ground where North Wales Crusaders play.  We think we may have passed the Premier Inn that we're booked into when we attend a wedding in Wrexham in July.  And then we hit the maddest driving we have experienced in our lives.  We've driven through Liverpool, London, Manchester and all other manner of places, but Wrexham was nuts!  I was gripping the door side rails and silently praying to any God who would listen.  We eventually found somewhere to park, outside a chip shop called 'Everland', bought some lovely Cod and Chips and sat in the car eating them, before taking our lives into our own hands again getting back to the A55. 

Lunch, a la car...

About 20 minutes from home, my phone rings.  Primary school.  My heart sinks, because every time they phone, it usually means an A&E visit.  But no, thankfully, Adam had lost the screw from his glasses and his lens had fallen out.  So, we can add Optician to the list of 'Things to do tomorrow'. 

Bed!  Here's to a quieter week!  If the height of excitement this week for me is housework, then I embrace it with open arms. 

M x

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