Friday, 27 June 2014

Mad, Sad and Glad

The mad.  Up at 5 am after an appalling night's sleep.  Again.  I can't sleep when I'm like this. I'm not being cryptic here, I'm not often lost for words but how to even begin to explain why... I don't know where to start.  A massive story.  And it's not even over yet.  Meh.

The sad. The knock on effect of the above.  A few posts ago I mentioned that Mr G and I had been together for nearly 15 years.  It was the last weekend of June when we met, so we hoped to spend this weekend celebrating with family and friends.  I also preempted disaster, when I said that when I plan something, it usually goes wrong.  So I've had to cancel my little soirée until a later date. Tell my friends before they start baking and making dishes for tomorrow.  Because today, I should have been doing the same. Instead, due to a certain company and their appalling service and lack of customer service, I am going to have to spend the day trying to help Mr G source what seems to be the unsourceable in our local area.  Because by the end of today, if we're successful, I won't feel like baking and cooking, and if we're unsuccessful, the only thing I'll feel like doing is getting mullered.  So. That's peed me off big style.  I know this is awfully cryptic, so if you're reading this and were one of those people who were coming, I will email you a link later that explains it better.  Look to reschedule for two weeks tomorrow, all being well.

The glad. Well, the week hasn't been all bad. We had mostly lovely weather. Daniel finally finished 6th Form. His last exam was horrific, but it's done now. He knows he won't be going to Uni with his friends, he wanted and still wants to get on the Computer Science course in Bangor University and after his subjects disaster, didn't have enough UCAS points.  He was only about 30 short.  However, to his credit, he had a back up plan, and this week interviewed successfully for an Electronics course in college. He will make his points up there, plus gain another qualification, and although later than he hoped, there's nothing stopping him going to Uni in two years time on the Computer course. So I'm very proud of him, that he took it on the chin, and chose an alternative.  Due to his Aspergers, education hasn't been an easy thing for him. He has always been clever, but getting this on paper, out of his head, in more than one word answers... Concentration was also a problem.  By the time school finally pulled their fingers out and gave him help, he was at the age that the help was embarrassing and he surrendered it.  Kids can be cruel. So he has sat his final GCSE year, AS year and A Level year with no help but a little extra time in his exams.

On Tuesday he had his Leavers Ball at a hotel in Caernarfon.  He looked very handsome in his suit and tie, scrubs up quite well!  He took his camera and he and his friends looked lovely, especially the girls with their pretty dresses.

We had our official invite from Steph and Nigel for their wedding.  And inside, they had put this...

What a fantastic idea!  I know some people might find it cheeky to request a cash gift, but I don't.  I'd rather give a couple cash, or a voucher, than waste my money on a toaster, or kettle that they don't need?  Unless of course, they specifically asked for an item.   It was a situation I was in when I married Mr G, we'd been together nearly three years by that point, our home was set up already.  A lot of people used their initiative and gifted us cash and vouchers, and we were able to buy a tumble dryer (which was practical), and a camcorder (which was a luxury).  Two items we wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise. 

The venue they've booked looks nice on the website.  We're all really looking forward to it now.  And the day after the wedding, we're going to come back via Corwen and go to our favourite little pub there, The Berwyn Arms, it's Adam's birthday the next day and he's requested his birthday meal there.  Probably the nicest pub food I've ever had.  I wish we lived closer to it, but probably better for my waistline that we don't!  I'm going to order my dress soon (the black one!) and really try to stick to my healthy eating plan for the next four weeks.  Half a stone off so far, but this week has had me so stressed...  Toying with the idea of getting my first ever spray tan, but Ross Geller keeps popping into my head?  Haha! 

I'm an EIGHT!?

Well, at the moment the shade I am is minus eight.  Especially my legs.  Which never see the light of day, they were so bad the other day, I looked like I had UGG tights on.  I was so ashamed of myself that I epilated them, to teach myself a painful lesson.  So if I'm wearing a dress, and don't want to be wearing tights in July...? 

Off now to sob and rock in a corner.

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