Monday, 16 June 2014

Happy Father's Day and Phase One complete!

Although a day late - Happy Father's Day to the fathers, step-fathers, grandads and those who have to play both roles.  As always love to those who are missing someone special today.  An extra special Happy Father's Day to my Dad and also to my lovely husband, the wonderful Mr G.  My love, my best friend, my rock. I hope you all had a special one. 

Sat on his England flag #jinx

We've been at it again all this week.  We also managed to get some gardening done inbetween.

Sorry #filth #mybad

Just sneaking a peek at my last post, where I talked about our garden plans.  Two plans.  I was bemoaning the fact that it was probably going to be an eternity for the recycled one to come to fruition?  Well... I was wrong.  I know, right?  Me?  Wrong?  Practically unheard of.  Woman?  Wrong?  Same sentence?  Does not compute.  Ha!  

I'd spotted something on Facebook a few weeks ago and I thought 'Oooooooooh!'.  I sent the picture in a message to Mr G and he said that he'd certainly try to make something similar for me.   Our friend Doug came up with the materials we needed this week, in fact he came up with more than what we needed.  And... it's done!  Eight days after wondering when I'd ever be able to get it started, let alone finished... and it's done!  My husband is a little star.  As is Doug.

Pallet furniture for the decking at the bottom of the garden.  I saw it.  I wanted it.  I now have it.  Here's a few photos to show you the start to finish.

I love this man!

I am so, so pleased with this that I can't put it into words.  It's cost us next to nothing to make, the only cost being the cushions and seat pads, and even those we had at ridiculously low prices from Bangor Market and discount stores.   It's one thing to go out and buy new furniture - I know, I've done it myself this year for the top of the garden - but to have something you know that you've made from scratch - and cost you peanuts, well - that's the sort of thing that makes me smile!  Especially taking into account how much the second phase is costing us.

So from the middle of this week, our time is going to be taken up with the second project.  And I am dreading it to be fair.  It's going to be hard, hard work.  But Mr G is so excited about it that it's going to be worth every ache and pain afterwards just to see him happy.   It's something he's wanted for years and years.  This and a drum kit.  This was the quieter option...  

We actually managed to have a night out together on Friday, at the 80's disco in The Bulkely Hotel in Beaumaris that my friend Helen was organising to raise money for her Brownie troop's new hut.  It was nice spending time with some old friends, I met up with a girl that I hadn't seen since school so 22 years since I'd seen her!  The fancy dress was brilliant, and there was a hog roast (beyond amazing) and really good raffle prizes.  I won a family ticket to Welsh Mountain Zoo, so that will be a good day out for the minions in the summer holidays!

Off now to take my husband and my father to Snowdonia Parc for a belated Father's Day lunch! 

M x


  1. LOVE it ! I also seen this on Facebook & now it put into a personal reality. Way to go!

    1. Thank you Cindy :-) I fell in love when I saw them, and if you Google search, there are sites with literally thousands of different things made with pallets. It was an eye opener! x

  2. Ohhh Shell, it looks amazing!! I love love love the pallet furniture and big well well done Mr G!! :) xx

  3. Thank you Netty, it is lovely and just fits in down the bottom. With it being 'fenced off' in a sense with the shed, trellis and fence, it's a real little haven of peace and quiet. When the kids are inside, that is.

    You simply MUST come round to see it, time we had a catch up. Nice panda and cake ;-) hahaha damn you autocorrect... xxx

  4. So Clever!! Totally pinning and will be sharing on Facebook!

    Hugs From Freedom Fridays

  5. Oh my word, thank you SO much Evelyn! I am in shock!

    M x


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