Thursday, 7 February 2013

Together Forever

Wow!  A week since my last post.  Standards are slipping.  What am I talking about - there were no standards to start off with!

It's been a busy week what with our Anniversary and Mr G's 51st Birthday only three days later.  I don't seem to have spent any time at all online, content just sat with him watching a film or reading a book in bed while he listens to music.   So two successive blog posts of absolute adoration?  His head is going to start swelling soon!

Why I love my husband ...

21.  This.  He went out for an hour today and came back with this.  He's been making noises about having another tattoo done for a few weeks, and when he gets a bee in his bonnet - it's best to let him get on with it.  He had birthday money and wanted to commemorate us.  So he did.  Together Forever 02-02-02.

I suppose now isn't the right time to ask for a divorce then...?

22.  I suffer from Sciatica, and even on days where it's bearable I find it hard to bend down or bend over.  He will always cut my toenails when I ask - even if his first response is 'As long as I can find my safety glasses first'. 

23.  He colours my hair for me.  And he does a good job of it.

24.  Mr G has occasions where he completely forgets commonly used words and substitutes them with random words.  Random words that have no business being used in the sentence.  Sometimes even words that don't exist.  Which makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

a)  Look at that boat in the water fishing for shamrocks (cockles)
b) (Looking over my shoulder while giving me a hug)  What are they for?  Those on there.  Yes, mushrooms.  *Dissolves into fits of laughter*  Glad you told me what they were called, I was going to say micronuts (mushrooms)
c) (Helping me keep my shopping)  And how exactly are you cooking this aborigine? (Aubergine)
d) Singing along to the radio; 'Love lift us up where we belong.  Where the eagles fly... who is this singing with Jennifer Warnes again?  Bill Sykes?  No it's not Bill Sykes.  Who's Bill Sykes?  Who is it then?  Joe Cocker?  Oh.  Oh yeah, Bill Sykes was from Oliver Twist.'
Me - 'Shut up!'

25. On every day out he gets saddled with the picnic lunch and has to lug the full or empty bag around all day.  He's cottoned on over the years, and became a bit annoyed when looking through photographs to see that every picture of him on a day out had a rucksack, coolbag or box attached to him.  I actually have a folder on my computer just of the pictures of him with bags.  Here's my favourite - as thanks to him for the last 10 years of carrying our bags - and knowing now after his shoulder surgery - it's my turn from here on in.  This is where the whole family, including my mother, all dumped our bags on him, in Portmeirion, and disappeared on him.  We spent a good five minutes just laughing at him from a vantage point higher up.  We bad.

26.  He'll say it anywhere, any time, in front of anyone, anyway - but he'll always end a phone call with 'Love you'.

27.  He thinks the world of my parents, and enjoys the days out and breaks away we have together, always wanting to include them in our plans. 

28.  On Mother's Day he buys my Mum a card, the biggest one he can find along the lines of  'You're like a Mum to me' (which he knows grates on her as she's only 9 years older than him) and scours the internet for the sickliest sweet poem he can to copy into it.  He will then read it out when we go for a meal and we end up in tears of laughter. 

29.  I haven't got a creative or artistic eye at all - so when he buys me flowers, he also arranges them for me perfectly in a lovely vase.  If it was left to me they'd just be stuck in, completely vertical.

30.  He's really brave, having spent more time in hospital than your average person this last 11 years, inclusive of 6 operations, a heart scare, an angiogram, and rehospitalisation due to nasty infections after each operation including MRSA.  I faint having a blood test.

To be continued...


  1. Ok Mama G..he cuts your toenails and colors your hair!! You win the grand prize..that is just tooooo sweet in my opinion..I'm not sure my hubby would do that..even if I had a physical condition that made it hard..He would tell the kids to do it..LOL
    What a totally sweet ROCK!

    1. I am lol at 'He would tell the kids to do it'. SHHHHHHHH! I don't think that thought has occured to him. Yet...

      He's a good one alright :-) Thank you for your lovely comment Shari x

  2. Oh my gosh! That tattoo looks SO painful! But on the other hand, how cool is that?!? Even if you didn't list anything else this week, that would have definitely been enough :).

    1. I know, right? It was freshly done, he was literally through the door, so I think the cling wrap made it look worse, but still. I couldn't put myself through it! He's crazy (for me, seemingly lol) :-)


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