Thursday, 14 February 2013

Me and Mr G. We got a thing goin' on...

Happy Valentines Day to all my lovely, lovely readers!  Much love for putting up with my inane and insane ramblings.  And just remember, love comes in more forms than just a significant other, so here's to - our other halves, our parents, our children, our siblings and family, our pets and wonderful friends.  Anything or anyone that makes you feel love or loved. 

We don't celebrate the day as such - I don't want to sound like a misery but we show our love to each other all year round, not just on one day.  We get each other a card and then tonight I'll cook us a nice steak dinner and an as-yet-undecided dessert.  How are you spending your day?

Linking up again - for my third week - to and Why I Love My Husband - The Never-ending list

31.  Ohhhhhh.  I blocked the toilet on Monday.  Again.   Anyone going to ask me how?  Any advance on 'No, weirdo?'  Hows about - I emptied cabbage soup down the toilet.  Unblended might I add.  Why?  Because - and I quote myself - 'It's vegetable so it should flush'.  Don't press me further on this.  It was early, it was Monday and the words 'colander' 'drain' and 'compost bin' seemingly hadn't sparked to life in my vocabulary nor my brain.

(Yes, that's four children I'm unleashing on the world reared with that kind of parenting.  Sometimes I ASTOUND myself with how simple I am.  I don't mean basic, I mean stupid).

If he had done this, I would have shouted at him.  Especially as the water level was coming precariously close to spilling over the rim.  He just looked at me as if I was a simpleton (which under the circumstances was both warranted and accurate).  He looked at me as if I was a simpleton and unblocked the toilet.  Which isn't the first time, but it's the first time he's had to unblock soup.  So it was a learning curve for us both.  Me - don't flush unblended soup down the toilet.  Him - he married a simpleton.  Win win.  More so for me.

32.  Eco-warrior or cheapskate - you decide.

Mr G:  Those flowers *nods towards decaying, almost 2 week old bunch of roses bought for anniversary* in Waitrose tonight.  £15.  FIFTEEN POUNDS!

Me:  Tsk.

Mr G:  The same ones as those.  FIFTEEN pounds.   Good job those have lasted til Valentines Day.

Me:  Lasted?  They're crispy?

Mr G:  They're fine.

Me:  They're crispy!

Mr G:  Pot Pourri.

Me:  Pardon?

Mr G:  Pot Pourri.  Home made.  Petals off.  In a dish.  Have we got a nice dish?  Always thinking.  You don't have to thank me.

33. A simple one - but oh, how effective.  He does the ironing.  All of it.  All of the time.


  1. Replies
    1. Resourceful? Oh I can't wait until he sees your comment, he'll feed off that for months!

      He's actually just said to me, that when we set the table for our meal tonight, he could take a crispy rose out of the vase, and shake it delicately over the tablecloth, so the petals would fall off and look pretty and romantic adorning the table.

      I give up... ;-)

    2. When I bought your red roses 13 days ago from the shop where our future King and Queen do their shopping (Waitrose) they cost me £6 for a dozen, Valentines Eve £15...HOW MUCH...Yes £15. Now I am not tightfisted or anything but when these roses finally give up, I will go out and replace them (when they are £6 again, or cheaper) Thank you for my card which you bought yourself this time ( unlike my Anniversary card) and I am looking forward to our romantic meal tonight cooked by you (kids in bed for 7 tonight ;-) ) love you millions Happy Valentines Day xx

    3. Yes, and I bet William isn't balking at paying £15 for a bunch of roses for Kate, is he?

      The roses HAVE given up, as a rule when they're bluey-black around the edges and crispy, they're pretty much dead.

      I am looking forward to it too :-) Love you millions, loon x

  2. I love that he is STILL arguing with you in the comments! Have a beautiful day. I hope you get your roses...eventually. ;)

    1. Thank you Janet :-) and you and yours too. I got wine instead, so... s'all good ;-)

  3. LOL!! The cabbage down the toilet made me truly laugh OUT LOUD That LOL was definitely deserved! Have a beautiful Valentine's Day...and every day after :).

    1. Oh Fawn, seriously I don't know what possessed me. I swear, sometimes, I despair. It's not even that I can think 'People like this live amongst us'. Not when I am the 'People' in question. Sheeeeeesh.

      Thank you, and sincerely, thank you for your site and letting us celebrate proudly what we are :-) x

  4. Hahahaa!! Aww he's a good man! I would have been nagged at and frowned upon if I've done that. It would be never ending! I like his pot pourri idea too rofl, great thinking! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day! x

    1. He's a darling, he truly is. He's just used to my stupidity now after nearly 14 years, he knows there's no point in nagging me LOL. I just can't believe I did it.

      We had a lovely day, thank you, complete with crispy roses on the table (oh and this morning he's decided they're dead after all, and I need new flowers. Coincidence? That's what you get when you marry a x

  5. I LOVED your post! I laughed your dialog about the flowers! I would have him though. My husband would have wanted to buy more flowers and I would have suggested potpourri!

    Stopping by from Happy Wives Club :)


    1. And it's all true lol. He's decreed they are actually dead today... so I'll get some new ones soon no doubt. I'm only moaning in jest really, I get flowers all year round, and it's me who has said he's not to pay stupid prices for them on Valentine's Day, but I still like winding him up ;-)

      Hope you had a lovely day yourself :-)


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