Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Day?

As you may have seen, yesterday I was a bit cross that the promised snow (that hit everywhere else in the country except our town, seemingly) didn't turn up.  The kids were disappointed, and I was disappointed for them.  Facebook, Twitter and blogs I subscribe to were full of pictures of snowmen and little ones having fun in their wellies.

Kids went to bed at 9pm on the dot, we looked out of the window before closing the blinds and the snow situation hadn't improved any since yesterday's blog post.  I too retired to bed with a coffee and my Kindle.  My bed faces the window and a little later I could see a flash outside, and figuring it wasn't lightning in this weather, I knew that my husband was taking photos.  In the cold.  In the dark.  As you do.

He came bounding up the stairs.  'Have you seen it out there!'.    In the space of an hour an a half, the dusting of snow had turned to...

It didn't fall all through the night, my thimble sized bladder and the fact that I'd forgotten to take an antacid before my curry made sure I was up several times in the night to check, but there's a good few inches fallen, enough for the kids to at least make a snowman, and for at least one of them to be reduced to tears by being hit with snowballs.  It is also one of the most gloriously beautiful days I've seen in a long time, everywhere seems illuminated because of the sun hitting the white snow.  The sky is blue and tinged with pink, and everywhere looks like a Christmas card scene.  One of those days that makes you glad to be alive (and a bit cross that you have enough food and drink to survive the end of the world, but forgot the coffee... 4 spoons left my friends, you ain't seen Frazzled Shell until you seen her without her Carte Noir...).  

In other news, I wanted to show you a picture (forgive the mess - this is the shared bedroom of 6 and 9 year old brothers and it's as haphazard as it gets).  Ryan has been obsessed by Minecraft for ages now, but didn't  have an XBox 360 until Santa brought one for him and Adam this Christmas.  He'd been on computer art programmes designing all manner of things in the interim.  On Tuesday I finally bit the bullet and in a joint effort between my debit card and my eldest son, managed to download the game for him to the console. He's spent every hour possible creating a lovely little world (although I still don't quite see the point of it all, despite it being explained to me, but it seems very unoffensive compared to a lot of games on the market!) and this morning, he called me through to see the latest thing he'd made in his world or land or whatever it's called.

Ryan and his Minecraft Sonic the Hedgehog

What a clever and artistic little chappie, there's no disputing who the big blue hedgehog is, right?  And assembled out of blocks too.  He's now working on Super Mario by the side of Sonic.  Ryan makes me laugh when I tell him how artistic he is, he'll reply 'I'm artistic and I'm autistic.'  That may be true, but being autistic is definitely no barrier to creativity, is it?  

Best go and see what we can make of this snow, after all my complaining!

M x


  1. I am certain you don't see Ryan out of his room at all anymore? *smile*. Lots of snow here, however it went from white fluffy stuff to be hit by mild temps this morning turned to now heavy white gunk.

    1. Well, he had a two hour hiatus in the snow! Not bad, especially for a winter month I suppose, it's harder getting them out in the summer!

      It's getting pretty much the same here, it's a lot milder today, plus the snow was so soft it's melting rather than compacting. Which is good in a way, because guaranteed it'll be one of mine who slips on ice and breaks an arm or leg. That's the only thing, it's pretty when it falls, but the aftermath, the sludge isn't so great is it?


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