Friday, 18 January 2013

No-Snow Day

The following pictures are more for the benefit of UK readers, who, will be able to judge how rubbish this weather situation is against their own.  These pictures were taken 2.30 pm.  The snow started at 8.50 am.  So nigh on 6 hours of snow has amounted to...

A disappointed Adam

One wrapped up husband
This is the roof of our outbuilding - after 6 hours
Neighbour's back garden
Our front garden - please ignore dead things please, it is Winter...
So, BBC weather, you can take your 'Amber Weather Warning' and your 12 inches of snow and shove them where the snow doesn't fall.  Here, evidently!

The kids were given an unofficial Snow Day by myself - because it was a lot easier than traipsing through the wind to pick them up from the school when they decided to shut the school - which they did.  Oh well, maybe if it carries on there might be enough to make a snowman tomorrow?

M x


  1. Lots to share from here as we got at least 6 inches of the white fluffy variety.

    1. 6 inches, very jealous, I want to make a snowman. I think the rest of the UK has that much if not more in some parts Cindy, only our town always seems to escape it :-( Then, thinking about it we seem to escape the entire summer too!

      M x


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