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Happy Anniversary Stephen!

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I'm posting this a little early, as I want to include the post in Why I Love My Husband, The Neverending List link up this week, which I happened upon purely by chance after a blog I follow posted about it.   Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore my husband and so seeing as I was writing this post anyway and sharing it with my followers, now I can share it further afield.   I simply won't tell him about it until Saturday :-)

The 2nd of February 2002 was a very important date in my life. Yes, you guessed it. Groundhog Day. Ironically (VERY ironically), also the date of my wedding to the man of my dreams - Mr G.  Or at least he would be the man of my dreams if he stopped snoring long enough to let me sleep.  Anyways...

If I try to make a run for it, I wonder if anyone will stop me?

 Bless him, he looks absolutely terrified doesn't he? 

While I was cool as a cucumber...

Too late now matey.  What's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine as well!

I liked lilac back then.  A lot...

Why I love my husband...

1.  We met a week after I had been unceremoniously dumped by my ex boyfriend.  He persevered but didn't push.  He travelled a 200 mile round trip to see me each time, and spent a fortune on mobile phone credit to keep in touch with me.

2.  When I told him I wasn't interested in anything heavy, just some fun and companionship, not to mention love, engagement, marriage or babies or it was off, he didn't.  When I realised I was in love it turns out he'd been in love at first sight.  We have since got him glasses.

3.  We maintained a long distance relationship for 21 months.  I say we - he maintained it, as I don't drive.

4.  He gave up everything to move 100 miles away to be with me.

5.  He asked me to marry him four months after we met.  Down on one knee down by the water.  It took another 2 years and four months to finally get wed, but here we are!

6.  He will support and encourage me in anything I want to do, and never criticises me if it doesn't work or I give up.

7.  He'll go along with all of my hairbrained schemes.   All of them.

8.  Despite having a huge dislike of fruit with savoury food, if I cook a recipe that has fruit in it, he will eat it.  Even when he knows I'm doing it to try and find something he does like, so I can go 'Ner!'.  I have this need to make him like smoked salmon, purely because I do, and I don't understand why he doesn't.

9.  Most people can do the 'in health' part but balk at the 'sickness'.  He has supported me through one of the biggest things possible.  I couldn't have done it without him.  I hope my nursemaiding of him over the last 4 years has gone some way to pay him back.

10.  He makes me laugh so much.   Sometimes by doing nothing.  Sometimes we'll laugh until we cry and neither of us can say why we're laughing.

11.  He only cooks about once a quarter.  And when he cooks, he only has one recipe.  But when he cooks it, it's so good, it's worth my cooking 360 days a year to his 5. 

12.  I have never met anyone with whom I am so compatible, we share the same views on so many things that it's uncanny, which also goes a huge way towards the lack of arguments we have.  We still argue, but about stupid stuff - because the big stuff we agree on.   He's not only my soulmate but my best friend as well.

13.  Without him I wouldn't have our children.  I may have had other children with a different husband, but they wouldn't be these exact children, 50% him and 50% me.

14.  His pathetic and hilarious excuses for his increasing amount of grey hair.  Which include but not strictly limited to: - tinsel, highlights, glitter and 'Sun In' hair colour.

15.  He thought I was the most beautiful girl in his world, and still did when I was 9 stone heavier than when we met.

16.  He'll drive anywhere to get me anything, in any weather.  Which probably has something to do with his shopping mania more than wanting to be helpful though. 

17.  He never buys me flowers on Valentines Day.  He buys me flowers at any point in the year because he loves me, because he thinks I need cheering up, to say thank you and just because.  I'd rather my numerous and surprise bunches of flowers through the year than one bunch at a hugely inflated price, just because someone dictates we should be romantic on that day.

18.  He blows ice cream.  He blows anything that's eaten off a spoon.  Fine if it's soup... hysterically funny if it's Tiramisu and you're in a restaurant, and people are staring at you...

19.  He bought me my first Maneki Neko. 

20. What you see is what you get.  He doesn't have a nice persona for other people and a mean one at home.  The man you see, that's who loves me.  And I am so lucky.

To be continued....

I've really enjoyed doing this post because I am a firm believer in giving gratitude because it attracts more of  the good stuff back to you.  Some people just complain non stop about their partners and then wonder why they have a crappy relationship.  Don't get me wrong, he drives me mad at times, he does plenty of things that drive me mad, but for every one of those, I can give you twenty things I love.  Why focus on the one negative when you've got twenty positives to feast on? 

So here's to us, Mr G.  Thank you for not only the last 11 years of marriage but the last (nearly) 14 years of being together.  Love you more than rainbowth, kittenth, thnowdropth and meerkatth x


  1. Wow! That is an amazing husband. Just #1 says it all. 200 miles roundtrip every time he came to see you. Love your never-ending list and so happy you stumbled upon our site. I was in the UK not too long ago for the very first time. Pretty cool country you've got there! Thanks for linking up and I look forward to visiting your site and watching your never-ending list grow.

    1. Thank you Fawn! He is amazing and we're still so in love it actually makes people sick (lol) - and what a great site and concept, I have to say it's the first time I've come across something like this. It really struck a chord with me because - nowadays everyone is so quick to complain about the bad stuff, but nobody seems to celebrate the good stuff. What better thing to celebrate than someone who is perfect - even if that is just perfect for me - that's all that matters :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary! (to come) I love your perspective that for every one item that "drives you mad" you can list 20 ways you love him. Thank you for introducing us to your hubby.

    1. Thank you Lori! I am having a look around as we speak (type!) :-)

  3. What a lovely refreshing to read a positive write up about a OH instead of the usual all men are crap posts which there seem to be many of. I think this is just ace! :)

    1. Thanks Lynn! Glad it's not just me who has noticed that then? Complaints attract more things to complain about. Positives attract more positives :-)

      M x

  4. Aw, so lovely! What a tribute to him! And he's so lucky to have you too. I laughed at the one about savory with fruit. It's the little things in a marriage that make it so sweet!

    1. Thank you Rachel! That's really nice of you :-)

      I shouldn't do it, I know. I accept him in every way for him, but this little thing bugs me. I don't like cheese (only cheesecake and melted mozzarella), and I'd be cross if he was on my case to eat it or try it because it's 'lovely'.

      But I don't know why, I turn into Heston Blumenthal... 'You liked that Chicken Surprise pie huh? You'd definitely have that again? What was the surprise? Strawberries. So there'. I should stop lol :-D

  5. Thank you for such a glowing and accurate report about me, it means so much ;-) . It was worth the 200 miles round trip to meet such a wonderful and beautiful person, It was love at first sight for me and the love I had then is the same as I have now. You have made me the most happiest man in the world and I wouldnt swap you for anything or anyone ( well...maybe Sarah Jane, but that is just a fantasy ). Thank you for the last 14 years ( 11 married) you mean everything to me, love you xxx

    Oh btw all this lovey dovey talk and SHE forgets to buy me a Anniversary card, thank you very much. still love you though xx

    1. See, it was your modesty that first attracted me to you... o.O

      Sarah Jane is a Vegan. You wouldn't last ten minutes with her. Think about it. But - you wouldn't have the worry of eating meat/fish/fruit combinations... swings and roundabouts.

      I am sorry about the card, I didn't like the ones in the shop and then I forgot to look elsewhere, I'll make you one? Where's the crayons...

      Hope you're looking forward to your romantic steak dinner tonight. I've got a lovely new sauce recipe for it. It's a surprise. Where's the blueberries...

      Love you too x x x x x


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